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9/12/2005 4:57 pm

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Well....i guess just the title of my blog tonite is enough to make you go "oh shit"..she's gonna bitch about work...Yes, i am...I used to love my job..i guess i still do. But i got several of people a job at my place and none of them has worked out...A year ago..i got my best friend of 20 years a job, b/c her husband decided he didn't want to work (another story). Well, in this year..she has caused more shit..threatened to quit 1 million times..and now has put in her 2 weeks notice..i say good riddens..she has caused me more stress then the people i take care of..She is expecting them to beg her to stay..which ain't gonna happen..So now, when her electric is shut off..and she has nothing to fix her kids for dinner...I'm gonna have to hear about it...BUT NOT THIS TIME.... I think the next time the caller id shows up her number...I'm leaving the voice mail saying...i'm out having sex.....(which everyone that knows me..knows i ain't had any in months (again, another story)..But will get them wondering exactly what i am doing...and i have learned my lesson....DO NOT GET UR FRIENDS A JOB THE SAME PLACE U ARE WORKING.....Now....enough of bitching about work...

Guys....WHERE THE HELL ARE U AT???? I mean the decent ones...There are a few that tickled my fancy..but they live states away, and it's not like i can just jump in the car and go to where ever. I had planned a trip to the beach..but alas, that didn't work out either. Isn't there any guys tired of eating at mcdonald's alone????, and i'm not talking the married ones either...I KNOW THERE ARE SINGLE ONES OUT THERE SOMEWHERE

rm_gent258 68M
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9/17/2005 12:57 pm

Sherie, try to redirect your anger. When you are hostile and pissed off, guys go in the opposite direction. Instead, do something nice for yourself--get a massage,take a bubble bath,buy a good meal(and not that slop they serve at McDonald's). When you are happy inside, you will start to attract the kinds of guys that you want to meet. Peace.

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