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8/1/2006 4:34 am

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I am setting here at 7am...and of course can't sleep b/c i am so fucking mad at men right now. Thoughts of turning into a lesbian sound better and better. (i can't seem to find any lesbians with dicks tho) Wondering how i'm gonna bust someone's ass over telling me a lie. Now i'm the kinda person that i would rather have you stick a knife in me then tell me a lie. And to this person, i've made myself clear on this subject several times. But standing there face to face, he thinks he can tell me a big bunch of shit. Now for those of you who know who Tyler Perry is..this will make you laugh. Tyler says you have to listen to your inner voice. If something doesn't sound right to you, your inner voice will tell you. voice was screaming at me the other night as i lay there listening to his bullshit. My inner voice had also told me to call my friend and check his aliby. Well, the voice was right..that no good piece of shit had lied. But i haven't seen him yet to let him in on the news. Wonder what should i do, lure him into my trap..and let him confess...or just knock the hell out of him and go about my business. Right now i'm opting for the violence.He deserves it. But my lesson for the day everyone. LISTEN TO THE VOICE. It will never steer you wrong. If something tells you something isn't right...LISTEN


8/1/2006 8:48 am

no traps or violence just straight forward.say hey know you lied its over.tell him as your walking out door just lost out on the best thing around.never speak to him or take his calls or emails again.if you see him out walk right past him like you dont see him.go into bitch mode like i do in prick mode.they will get the message loud and man or woman is worth doing violence too when it comes relationship stuff.words will cut them and hurt more be smart dont do anything dumb.from what we have talked in past you seem have good head on your shoulders.take care,tim.

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10/29/2006 7:05 am

If I could find time sable...I'd come after you...but with work/school/and volunteering..I barely have time to breathe these days..

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