How I Met Sarah  

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9/2/2005 7:36 am

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How I Met Sarah

As I walked through the mall I couldn't help but take note of my reflection
in the store windows, as I window-shopped. I had taken special attention of
my appearance because I was going to meet Sarah.

We had met several weeks ago in an Internet lesbian chat room, and had
become lovers. Although she knew what I looked like from my pictures, the
only thing I had to go by was her description of herself. So as a safety
precaution, which I always did, I suggested we meet at a mall in public.

My heels made a little staccato sound on the tile floor and I knew I was
turning heads in my leather mini. Which suited me just fine because truth
be known I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist.

Stopping at the Orange Julius stand for an orange drink, I heard an audible
gasp as I bent over to discard the empty cup in the trash can, and assumed
it was from the old men sitting on the benches, which drew a little smile
to my lips. Thinking to myself, you can gasp all you want but you're not
getting any of this candy.

Thinking I had better check my makeup and go pee before I meet Sarah I
headed for the ladies room, and entered the last stall, as it appeared to
be the only one that the locked worked.

As I started to pee my ears picked up on a sound, and the smell was
unmistakable. I had gone to the ladies many times before myself, for just
that very reason. Somebody was masturbating. Which to me is an immediate

Trying to be as quiet as possible I left the stall without flushing, and
silently walked to where the sound was coming from, glancing at the door,
which wasn't closed completely. As I stood in front of the door, rubbing my
pussy through the leather, I was hoping she would see me and invite me in,
but she didn't, and I was getting too hot to wait.

As I pushed the stall door open, I saw that she had her head back, her top
pushed up playing with her nipple and her other hand, masturbating

Entering the stall I said, "let me finish you", and without waiting for an
answer, I fell to my knees in front of her, thinking the hell with getting
runs in my hose I want some pussy.

Not another word was said as my mouth engulfed her pussy, and she put one
hand on my head and pushed it closer. Licking her delicate folds and
allowing my middle finger to search for her inner self, I tasted her sweet
honey. As I exchanged my finger for my tongue I probed her pussy walls as I
patted her swollen clit. Tongue fucking her hot pussy as my finger made
little vibrations patting her clit.

Then slipping 2 fingers in her hot wet pussy and finger fucking her I
swirled my tongue over her swollen clit in a little circle. Lapping like a
little hungry puppy.

Her moans and squeaks were getting louder, when all of a sudden the inner
door opened, and there stood a matronly woman dressed in tweeds. I was
waiting for her to scream but at that moment I didn't care. All I wanted
was to get this woman I was licking, off, and make her cum strong.

Not hearing a scream, I took a little peek, and saw that she had hiked up
her skirt, pushed her panties aside and was masturbating furiously, as she
mouthed the words to us in general, "it's ok", and stood so her back held
the door shut.

Moments later, as I licked and sucked her clit into my mouth I was rewarded
with a gush of her sweet honey, and drank it down.

Then hiking up my skirt, tearing my hose and pushing my panties aside, I
said, "now do me", and climbed so my pussy was over her face. At this point
I didn't care if everybody in the mall came in I had to cum.

As I watched the matronly lady pushing almost her whole hand in her hot
pussy I was getting tongue fucked. My eyes flicked from the matronly lady
to the woman who was devouring my hot cunt, and tried to grind my pussy
into her mouth.

Her tongue was like magic. It seemed to be every place at once, fluttering
like a hummingbird. I could feel the tingle building but when she held my
swollen clit between her teeth and lapped it, I thought my whole insides
were going to come out through my pussy. Letting forth the loudest moan of
them all, I gushed and had multiples. I almost couldn't stop cumming for
what seemed like the longest time.

For what seemed like mental telepathy, we decided to straighten up and get
ourselves together.

As the matronly lady wiped her hands with a tissue, she said simply, "thank
you. I had the best time", and left the room. Looking back at my conquest
with a smile, and before I had a chance to speak, she said "what a
wonderful way to meet you Marie, I'm Sarah. Now let's go to my place for
some real fun".

rm_besomi 39F

6/9/2006 4:50 pm

dam that was a great story. i hope you had many more cums.

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