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12/25/2005 5:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


women and me just dont seem to fit right. its not like im gay, or if being gay is anything wrong. but like it seems like every girl i try to get close with..things jus screw up. well i screw up cause i feel as if i cant be with them. and want out and later i'll feel like i want them again. but its jus a vicious cycle.

like ever since one girl broke my heart, i've had the hardest time keeping long term relationships. and if i do find one it'll go for about a month and then somethings screws up. GAH i hate it..

do i jus not belong with women? do i even deserve to be with one? god..the things that run through my head i tell you.

i just want to be happy..and even though its christmas and i got some presents..its not wat i wanted. I want happiness and that special someone..but yet..i cant seem to get those right now. *Sigh*

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