the guy I stood up  

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3/28/2005 1:09 pm

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the guy I stood up

So then, a couple weeks later, I meet a guy online. Nice guy. Funny, we laugh, we chat, we get horny. We discuss meeting. I am about to head out and meet him when I ask him the name of his company....We had discussed our related work fields previously in the conversation. I knew about it, but when I heard his company name I began thinking about what might happen if I ran into him at a work related function. I'm sure I could have handled it, but being new to this I freaked out and didn't show. It's too bad really because I was so HOT and he has a great looking cock.

After I stood him up, we talked a few times and the more I think about it, the more stupid I feel I was. Bitching about how no one is serious about meeting at this site anyway. We have speaking and I invited him to my apartment tonight. I know he can't make it, but I know that I am ready to meet him and have the amazing time we had talked about having previous to me standing him up.

It's a fine line between being right and being wrong. I hope I didn't mess it up..

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