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3/29/2005 9:01 am

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Now, I am on this site to explore my sexual desires. I am here to explore my bi-sexual side. As a result I am open to meeting different people. I had been talking with a nice man for a few weeks and went to meet him yesterday. It was great, he was feeling a little uneasy, and I surprisingly the more I do this the easier it is getting. I know I like these feelings and I know I like to suck cock, so I was less scared. We met, talked for a few minutes and got right into it.

He had a really nice cock. It was 5.5" long, perfect fit for my mouth, I sucked him down, played with the head, deep throated and he came withing five minutes. The perfect blow job. I got to give head, he got off, It was sweet and my mouth wasn't sore.

Afterwards I asked if he would do anything for me, to which he said no. Now I understand being new to this, but the guy couldn't jack me off??!! Oh well, I hope to meet him again sometime. I liked the way his cock fit my mouth.

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