What To Do?  

bbcakes3 39M/44F
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4/20/2006 1:24 am
What To Do?

I find myself facing a dilema. My WONDERFUL, SEXY, man have recently entered the swingers arena. So far we have had some terrific MFM experiences, and I am ever so grateful to my man for these. The problem is that while men are extremely easy to come by, females seem to be rather scarce. This has left us with an unbalance of sorts with the scales tipped totally in my favor. It's not as if he's a bad catch or anything. He's very masculine, handsome in that "bad boy" way that we females love. He's charming, well-groomed, funny as hell, romantic, respectful, and a real fuck-machine in bed always attending to the woman's needs before his own.
Are ther any ladies out there looking for a REAL MAN, who might be willing to help a girl out? Straight or bi (i GO BOTH WAYS), big or small, old or young, he'd love to please them all and I'd love to see him do it.
He's the real deal, ladies! If you want to be pampered and treated like the queen you are, to cum so hard that you scream for mercy, then pls. contact us. You'll be glad that you did!

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