Shaving and waxing your pubic hair  

bayles101 62F
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12/28/2005 9:12 am

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3/23/2008 6:26 pm

Shaving and waxing your pubic hair

"The only bush I trust is my own." Seriously, I do hate this trend of shaving/waxing pubic hair so we women look like either porn stars or prepubescent girls. We have enough problems loving our bodies, please! We've come a long way, baby--ha! Okay, I admit I did it--after I shaved without planning or soaking, all the stuff you're supposed to do, and it itched like hell so I got it waxed, which hurt like hell, and hurt over and over and over again til she was done with all of it except for the "landing strip"--even the arse hair, wow, I didn't even know I had hair there! So I shell out my $60 and have to come back within 4 weeks or it's going to cost that much again instead of $40. I have to admit it did feel good, I did feel sexy walking down the street, just ready to fuck, but growing in doesn't feel so sexy, and laying out on the table for someone to get into your private area to lay hot wax on doesn't feel sexy either.

And in my crowd it was a weird little secret because some of my friends (including me at this time) do not even shave our armpits! Maybe not even our legs! Oh, will horrors never cease in this world! We are not shorn sheep for slaughter, we are women! Let's talk about Iraqi body count and not something idiotic like "do you shave?". Let's not spoil men any more than they are already spoiled. And why is "hairy pussies" (someone said hairy vagina which is impossible and shows his ignorance) a fetish now on porn sites?

Although it hasn't happened to me yet, I understand losing hair in the pubic area is an inevitable part of aging--so it will happen soon enough, people! Don't rush it! Hair is healthy, keeps out bacteria. I heard that in South Korea people get hair transplants in their pubic region because they think it's a sign of virility/fertility! So think about that turn around!

There. I'm done my rant. For now!

mackjohnny69 59M

12/29/2005 1:10 pm

I feel your pain! I to also shave around down thier and keep a clean ship. But it does hurt ahole lot coming back in . I personally fine nothing wrong with a hairy puss -- it tickles my face.

rm_Billinoc223 69M

10/17/2006 12:07 pm

Hi...Bill in Irvine here. Finally figured out your blog. I could not agree with you more about the natural beauty and sensuality of a natural bush. That shaved look is a real turn off for me. I think it was started by men who have a weird penchant for younger pre teen women. It is also so "trendy" and seems to be for those people who have a problem with real sexuality. It is like women think they are "supposed" to be sexy with that shaved look but nothing is further from the truth. It is like the women who shave have no confidence in their sexuality and they are trying so hard to be sexual which they are not. It is phony mechanical sex just like the stupid porn stars. Totally without feeling. Hope you can send me a photo as requested before. Bill

wd40w 63M
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3/22/2008 10:59 pm

I've always been of the mind...If it's growing's there for a reason...I have a yearly ritual which has served me well...I shave my face, sometimes leaving the moustache sometimes not and now shave my head on my Birthday...the first day of Spring...I keep shaved until Labor Day...and grow back my winter insulation...why women started shaving was probably at the insistance of men who knew not the error of their ways...

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