Paying for Sex - I  

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1/4/2006 11:34 pm

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Paying for Sex - I

I wonder how many of you out there would resonate with the experience I am about to share. It has been on my mind ever since and I need to get it out of my system...

... My friends always thought I am not exploiting enough of my single status, that I ought to open my eyes to the vibrant nightlife of the far east.

Naturally, I have my own concerns with regards to seeking sex this way; which includes hygiene, the quality of such encounter, as well as cost. On the other hand, I found myself attracted to such idea, since after all, I am single and am on AdultFriendFinder looking to meet like minded friends.

One of my friends can be regarded a "local" tour guide for these kinds of things, he has probably tried all venues, from cheap massage parlors to high-end night clubs. He certainly knows the rules of engagement, as well as the haggling tactics.

I always thought those working girls hate to "work". Let's face it, who would if it becomes a 10 hours job? You don't have much choice of who you are doing it with for the sake of earning a living, and certainly some might even cause some damage or harm. So it must be such a chore for them that it would probably be similar to doing it with a doll, except that she is warm and softer. (I assure you that I have no idea what it is like doing a doll...)

But my tour guide said the contrary. He was such a good salesman he had me saying to myself: Hell, got to try it at least once.

So we picked a day, he called his friends, and nine of us went to one of the most famous nightclubs in the far east looking for action... my... was I wrong in my narrow minded thinking I felt like a farm boy walking in new york for the first time in my life.

... to be continued ...

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