Beer and Loathing  

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8/15/2005 7:10 am

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Beer and Loathing

Soooo once again, I'm up early and I have absolutely NOTHING to do. So I'll rack up some points.

Here's my top ten list of things that should be mandatory for American citizens:

10. Weed is a must. Regardless of how "socially acceptable" alcohol has been for X number of years, I'm quite positive that the majority of everyone we know prefers being stoned over drunk. I'll probably make another blog post about this, actually... *ends*
9. Your education outweighs how much you can lift without exploding your anus. If you can't form a complete sentence, you really should have been forced at gunpoint to pay attention in school.
8. There is a copious amount of stupidity and ignorance driving back and forth to work every day, putting me at great personal risk on the road. The standards for a driver's license need to be substantially higher than they are now and anyone who feels compelled to drive a vehicle must obtain a license at whatever cost. Please help put an end to stupid drivers in your community. Execute them or whatever.
7. Daydreams. Everyone needs these, perhaps about two hours' worth. It'll do the world some good if everyone took a vacation from themselves right in the middle of your daily routines. Stress is NOT healthy and some sit-and-think time on a regular basis will help to alleviate that.
6. Here's an idea nobody ever thought of: everyone should have their own church/mosque/other place of worship instead of all gathering at a designated location and crowding the streets with senior citizens who can't drive. If we all had our own little "spot" where we can sacrifice, praise, offer, beg, thank, and sing songs to the god of our choosing, it would make waking up at 8:30 on Sunday morning virtually non-existent since you can go whenever you want. Damn I'm good.
5. Thought it'd be a good time to mention weed again. It's just great.
4. SEX. Lots of it. Disregarding marriage, STDs, spiritual restrictions, psychotic hatreds, personal differences, and physical limitations, we should all pool together and compromise and give each other what we all should really have. There doesn't have to be any emotional connection, it's just sex. And it's goddamn good for you.
3. A place. House, apartment, condo, mobile home, cardboard box, or a van down by the river - it doesn't matter, we all need a place to put our stuff. We need inarguable rights to defend our places as well. There doesn't need to be any red tape or dissecting of a given incident; if you invade or threaten the existence of another person's place, you will probably be shot.
2. An animal. ONE. A SINGULAR PET. Take your pick, there's plenty but only pick one. Treat it as you would treat a child or I will fucking destroy you, especially if it's a cat.
1. Weed.

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