Date Movies Part 2  

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7/14/2005 10:48 pm

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Date Movies Part 2

10 Titanic
09 How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days
08 Chicago
07 What Women Want
06 Garfield:The Movie
05 Casablanca
04 Bridges of Madison County
03 Secondhand Lions
02 Willow
01 A League of Their Own

Here are my reasoning as to why these make great date movies

10- Titanic is a classic story about a ship that sinks. There is jealousy, violence, and you can see kate Winslet nude. Guys will like it for those reasons. The women like it for the love story and Leo DiCaprio.

09- I have not seen this movie, yet, but I understand that the men saw this movie for Kate Hudson. And the ladies loved the idea of Matthew McConnehey(?)

08-Chicago is a great date movie because the women will be cheering for the leading ladies, Richard Gere doing his burlesque dance, and the storyline. Guys will like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweiger and the rest of the ladies in the cell block tango.

07-Men loved this movie because it gave them a little insight into women. The ladies liked it because it showed some misconceptions of women and our secrets are still safe. Plus, two words: Mel Gibson. Dressed in black and dancing to Sinatra.

06- A cute little movie about that silly, fat cat garfield. While Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Whoever the guy was, were cheesy in this movie, Bill Murray as the voice of the beloved feline gave this movie a laughable and lovable addition. It is the perfect movie for a few laughs.

05- The title says it all.

04- Clint Eastwood as a romantic leading man? Sounds a little far off. However Eastwood played the part to perfection. I would suggest you read the book first. It helps to understand the movie better. Meryle Streep as his leading lady, perfect. Who says life ends after 40?

03-This seems like a sappy movie and title, however Robert Duvall and Michael Caine deliver stunning performances as two old codgers forced to spend the summer with their nephew, played by The 6th Sense's Haley Joel Osmont. Two shotguns, a retired circus lion and Duvall and Caine make for a superb guy's movie. There is a love story hidden in the movie. Look closely ladies.

02-Guys will love the action and the battles. Ladies will love Val Kilmer in one of the best roles of his career.

01-This movie will make you laugh, cry, love. All the good ones are in this movie. About the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. Yes there really was such a league. Tom Hanks turns in a stellar performance as the manager of the Peaches, Jimmy Duggan. A lush and former baseball great has to turn these girls into ball players. The guys will love the baseball aspect and seeing Geena Davis and Madonna in short skirts. The ladies will enjoy the fact that the women proved to the men that women could play baseball while they were off fighting the war.

If you know of any movies not on the list, let me know.


7/21/2005 9:54 pm

Give the movies a looksee, you might like them!

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