Bitch Next Door  

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8/16/2005 1:52 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bitch Next Door

My next door neighbor is such a *%#@! She has only lived there for a few months but acts like she owns the place. She thinks that She and I should trade parking spaces. I have parked ther for 17 years, it is easiest for my Mom to get in and out of the car where it's at, and the landlady has even posted a sign stating where I am to park.

I told her to park on the other side of my car because nobody parks there. She won't do it and parks next to my car where my mom can't get in. Mom uses a walker. She jumped all over my company because she was parked in "her" spot. Lissa was there because she always parks there when she comes for a visit.

They got into a big argument, with the woman calling Lissa a cunt. Lissa is married to my nephew, Mark.

I wanted to punch the bitch in the face. She isn't worth going to jail for. Besides, I don't want to dirty my hand.

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