Road Trip (Continueing the Sexcapades)  

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10/6/2005 3:42 pm

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Road Trip (Continueing the Sexcapades)

I remember another time when my road partner and I had a very enjoyable evening. We were traveling East on I-10 about 25 miles outside of Albuquerque when we saw this charter bus on the side of the road. There were a couple of older gentlemen walking around and one of them threw what looked like a tire iron on the ground. Thinking that it was a tour bus full of old people we pulled over to see if there was anything we could do to help.

"Only if you'll let us barrow your truck," said the one who threw the tire iron down.

Like they're gonna do that!" said the other one.

Just then we saw this long hair guy get out of the bus. We looked at each other and said, "Why

Both the old guys looked surprised. We teased a little and told them not to drive too fast 'cause the old truck wouldn't take it, got out and handed over the keys. We heard one of them tell the long hair to keep the CB-radio on and they'd take the walky talky. I remember thinking 'cool'.

The got in and drove away but had said that if they couldn't find what they needed they'd radio back and let us know. We waved then looked at the long hair, who turned out to be pretty cure. He said to come on in the bus so he could introduce the rest of the guys to their rescuers, She said something like, "If they're all as goodlooking as you are then lead the way," which made him laugh and we followed him up into the bus.

There were three of them and they looked familiar but couldn't place the faces. The bus was decked out like one of the luxury RV's we have today, real nice. They made room for us at the table and offered us something to drink, water, soda, or maybe we'd like a beer or something stronger. I asked if they had any Jack and was rewarded with a fifth and a couple of glasses. The guy sitting across from me commented, "A woman after my own heart," and we all laughed.

After a few drinks and some small talk we learned that the bus had a rear duel axle and one of the inner tires had gone flat and they had no way of fixing it, so we really were rescuers of a sort. Just then the CB started crackling and one of them went to answer it. A couple of minutes later he came back and said that it would be morning before the older men could get any help out to them and could we stay with the 'boys' till then. He said that he told them it was ok and no they wouldn't take advantage of us, bringing another round of laughter.

Ruthie, my partner, said, "Well, hey! Let's party then. Any one up for a game of strip poker?" I laughed and said, "You only want to play 'cause you'll win every hand." Someone else said, "Not if I can help it," and the game was on.

She , of course, won the first hand and asked for all our shirts. Slightly embarrassed because I wasn't wearing a bra, I took off my shirt and tried to hold it in front of me. Ruthie said, "No, that's the same as cheating," and snatched it away from me. The guys all sucked in their breath and smiled when they saw my tits. Her victory was short lived though, 'cause she lost her shirt next and 2 of the guys and I lost our shoes. We kept drinking and playing till all of us were down to our underwear and panties. The guys were grinning at each other and commenting on how nice we looked sitting there almost completely naked. As luck would have it, we both lost again, but this time neither of us cared anymore. We both stood up in the booth and pushed our panties down past our hips, paused a couple of seconds to exchange a sly look, then pushed them down all the way. "Wow!", "Nice!", "Very nice"! was what we heard. Remember this was back in the late 70's before it became fashionable to shave the bush between the legs, and both of us were shaved. Me, because I had trouble trimming it and finally just took it all off and Ruthie, because she had caught a case of the crabs and thought it was a good idea.

Next one of the guys suggested that we play for favors since no one had any cloths left and we just might have some fun. I don't remember who said what but 'sure' and 'why not' were the words that came out of us.

I lucked out and won the first hand, I told Ruthie to let them each fondle her big titties, and they were to let her play with their (already hardening) dicks. What a sight that was, she got up and went from guy to guy reaching down into their laps to stroke and tickle them while they groped and nipple tweaked her.

One of the guys won the second hand and his 'pot' was for Ruthie and I to play with each others titties while the other two guys fingered our pussies. I began playing with her tits and she mine, then I felt a nice warm hand cup my shaven mound while a finger started running circles around my already excited clit. I could see Ruthie beginning to respond to another hand, raising her hips slightly while her guy rubbed her clit faster and faster. I got so into watching her that I lowered my head to lick and suck on one of her nipples and discovered that I was reponding to a tongue on my clit. I looked up to see that she was sucking on the third guys hard cock.

So much for the card game. My guy pulled me up and suggested that we all move to the bed in the back of the bus. No sooner said than done. Once there we ended up in a five way. The buy who was playing with Ruthie's Pussy laid down and I couldn't help but kneel and go down on him, licking all around the head of his cock, stabbing my tongue at the eye and sensitive spot on the underside. Glancing up, I could see Ruthie sitting on his face, his tongue licking up and down her slit, then he was sucking on her clit. My guy stuck his hard cock in my pussy from behind and had reached around to finger my clit. Ruthie was sucking on the third guy's cock while pumping her pussy against the mouth that was eating it. My guy pulled out of me and I turned around to sit on the cock that I had been sucking and started licking my own juices off the cock that had been fucking me, I caught a glimpse of Ruthie turning around to let her guy fuck her from behind while the guy who was in me now started to suck and nibble at her tits. The next thing I knew, Ruthie was licking my clit and the cock in me at the same time, being fucked from behind while I sucked on another cock. I didn't know who's cock was who's anymore cause I was cumming again and again and again. Then I was on my back sucking Ruthie's clit, being tit fucked and eaten out at the same time. I can only guess that Ruthie was sucking on a cock or being tit fucked herself. I do know that she was creaming her sweet-tart juices all over my tongue while I whipped her clit with my tongue and finger fucked her. Then she and I were sixty-nining and cum was being shot all over our bodies, in our hair, faces, on our asses, and tits.

What a night, she and I then took each guy, one at a time, and double teamed him, sucking, tit fucking and pussy fucking. This went on for half the night, while the other half of the night was spent being double teamed by the guys. There was a time when I had all three guys with me at once, and girls if you've never had a cock in your mouth, one between your tits, and one in your pussy, well, you've never been fully fucked. I'm sure they gave Ruthie the same treatment. When we all gave up, she and I were glad there was a shower in that bus cause we sure needed it.

We took a shower together and gently washed each other's titties and pussies, making sure that we were clean and that we each had one more orgasm, sucking on each other's tits and playing with each other's pussies.

By the time we got dressed again the two older men were back with a big tow/repair truck and we were on our way once again, after kissing, crotch, pussy, and tit fondling.

Oh! A couple of days later we were in Phoenix and saw a poster the an America reunion concert. There were those three hot guys, up there on that poster. We got so excited and wanted to go, hoping we could have another night of fucking and sucking but we were broke and needed to hit the day labor office for gas money to get us to Northern California for a big ten tribe powwow that we were expected to attend.

thebigquietguy 61M

10/9/2005 7:07 am

You're turning into quite a writer, Bare - don't leave us hanging - I can't wait to hear how this one ends up. I'd love to be on the receiving end of something like this even once before I die!

rm_horney633 53M

10/10/2005 10:44 am

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!!

rm_horney633 53M

10/13/2005 11:55 am

Sounds like a very fun time. I would love to try that.

rm_fidemyface69 48M
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10/21/2005 2:04 pm

Man Im telling you my cock has been this hard in a very long time, I have just got to have some of that smokin pussy of yours and your friends to. If you are in or around joplin sometimeI would love to hook up with you!!!!!!!! I have a very good friend that has'nt been with a woman before and wants me to find someone to be with the both of us some time, think ya might could help??!!

rm_fidemyface69 48M
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10/21/2005 2:04 pm

I want you!!!!!!!!

run4fun232 54M
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11/21/2005 7:54 pm

That is a great blog!! I can't listen to my "America's Greatest Hits" anymore without having to relieve myself!!

LongHairBiker13 49M

2/8/2006 8:00 am

Well you have a way with the pen keep it up

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