One Hot Night (about 20 yrs ago)  

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11/29/2005 1:19 pm

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One Hot Night (about 20 yrs ago)

I remember that night. It was hot as hot as it was earlier in the afternoon. I had just gotten out of the shower when there was a knock on the door. I hollered, "Just a minute," and went to find my robe, wrapping it around me as I reached the door. Opening it I saw one of the best looking guys I'd seen in a long time. I asked if I could help him and he asked if I had a phone. His car had run out of gas and he found that he had left his wallet at home, so he was wondering if I could call his brother to bring it to him, he'd wait on the porch. I'm a pretty good judge of character and he didn't 'feel' like someone I should be worried about so I told him to come on in and he could make the call himself. Walking toward the kitchen I asked if he wanted something cold to drink. "Sure," he said, so I got us some iced tea and went back to the living room.

He was just hanging up the phone and told me that his brother wasn't home so he had left a message, hoping that I wouldn't mind the he had left my address. He said he'd just finish his tea and then wait outside for his brother. I offered to let him wait inside where it was cooler and mentioned that there was no telling when his brother would get his message so why not stay and watch a movie. I and told him to pick one out while I went to put something on. I'd forgotten that there were a couple of blue movies at the end of the shelf.

I put on some short shorts and a tube top, in an attempt to comfortable because of the heat, and went back out to the living room. He was in front of the entertainment center putting the tape into the VCR so I picked up the remote and waited for him to come back and sit down. When he did I turned on the TV and was surprised to see what he had picked out. There on the screen was this large breasted woman in a halter and micro-mini; you could tell she didn't have any underwear on. She was working in a lingerie shop when a guy came in asking about a gift for his girlfriend. She showed him this peek-a-boo bra with matching crotchless panties and he asked if she would model them for him, of course whe would.

I glanced at my guest and noticed that he had quite a large bulge in his lap. Smiling to myself I went to take a sip of my tea, misjudged my reach, and knocked my glass over. Jumping up I ran to get a towel not thinking about my large breasts and the tube top I was wearing. I got back and bent to wipe up the mess I'd made, when both breasts popped out! "Nice!" he said with this big smile, "watching you is better than watching the movie." I must have turned 3 shades of red. "Even your tits blush," he said, "Here, let me help." as he knelt in front of me taking the towel. I moved to pull my top back up and he stopped me, cupping both my girls and tweaking my nipples. He smiled at my intake of breath, stood and bent to flick my nipple with the tip of his tongue. Another intake of breath and I was automatically pushing my breasts into his hands and mouth, my hands on his shoulders.

He eases me back onto the couch, running his tongue up my neck... sucking my earlobe... kissing me... pushing his tongue into my mouth... massaging my breasts... rolling my nipples with his thumbs. One hand roamed down my stomach... between my legs... massaging my pussy through my shorts... my hips pushing up to meet his hand. My hand running down his back... over his butt... around to his hard cock... rubbing up and down its length through his pants... oh my, it was big. "You want some of that, don't you?"... "Mmm-hmmm, yesss."... "Not yet." I felt my shorts being pulled down; I lifted my ass to ease their removal. His lips... tongue... kissing... licking back down to my nipples... his hands... one massaging my breasts, the other, my pussy... fingers pushing between my lower lips... dipping nto my pussy... spreading my wetness to my clit... stroking... flicking... circling. My breath quickening... hips pumping... hungry... hungry for him. His finger entering me... two fingers... pumping... in... out... in... out. His lips... tongue... teeth... sucking... flicking... nibbling on my nipples... first one then the other. His hand pulling out... fingers in my mouth... licking... sucking... I taste myself.

His lips, kissing... tongue, licking... down my stomach... reaching my mound... blowing on my lower lips... tongue at the bottom of my hot, wet slit... snaking in between my lips... running around the opening of my vagina... up... up to my sensitive button... circling it... blowing on it... stabbing it... sucking on it... flicking it while sucking... Driving me wild... grinding my pkussy into his mouth... "Yes, yes, aaaoooohhh!!!"... rolling my nipples between my fingers... feeling the connection..."Yes, cummiinng!!!" Bucking my hips... again and again and again... squirting... his tongue in and out of me... lapping up my juices... penetrating me in and out... letting me down easy... my climaxes causing me to spasm.

Rising up from my pussy, he brought his hardness to my mouth; I latched onto it with my lips. Kissing the head, tasting the pearl of precum, oozing from the eye with the tip of my tongue. Swirling my tongue around the cap... stopping at the inverted V, tickling... stabbing the eye... running my tongue down to the base... sucking in his balls, alternating between them... sliding back up to the head... taking him into my mouth... slowly sucking in... pulling him in... my tongue circling... teeth lightly raking as he pulls back... sucking in farther... doing my best to take him all the way in. Sucking harder as he pulls away... in and out of my mouth... sucking... tonguing... in... out... Feeling him mounting... getting harder... his sac tensing... "Not this way, not in your mouth."

Covering me with his body, his hard cock pushing its way into my pussy. Just the head, stopping, pushing a little farther, pulling almost all the way out before pushing all the way in. Raising my legs up, ankles on his shoulders, my hips rising to meet his thrusts. "Rub your clit, make yourself cum for me." I reach down, collect some of my juices to lube my slit, and begin to flick my fingers across my clit. The was he felt sliding in and out of me... My own stimulation of my clit... the waves building up in me... breaking over me... one after another... feeling myself squirting again... cumming all over his hard cock.

He pulls out of me, straddles my chest, and using my own juices for lubrication, pushes my tits together around his shaft, tweaking my nipples as he does. I continue to rub my clit... licking his cockhead each time it rises to my mouth... "Ooohhh yyeeaaahhh," he said, "I'm going to shoot it in your face, all over your tits!" And then he let go, erupting his cream all over my mouth then on my neck and tits.

His brother called about 10 minutes later; he was just up the street at the pay phone. We made a date for later in the week, and saw each other a few more times after that. 'Til he got a job out in California.

rm_stingcobra 51M

11/29/2005 5:00 pm

i like where this is going cant wait untill the rest is put up thx stingcobra

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11/30/2005 3:49 am

oh my...another morning hard on...thanks again bare...
we really do need to get together sometime...i know we would have some incredible times together

rm_horney633 53M

12/1/2005 2:40 pm

You write such great stories. Thanks for sharing.

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12/7/2005 2:29 pm

Good story!! Uh.....excuse me, I have some business to take care of.

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4/7/2011 10:22 am

Your stories are Hoyt.. Wish I could link up with you..not sure I can keep up.. Sure like to try pretty woman with no panties exciting

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