What a Wonderful Day it Was.  

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9/17/2005 4:33 pm

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What a Wonderful Day it Was.

I open the door and there she stood. I had commanded her to come to me immediately. I tell her take off her clothes for me. Slowly she begins to undress. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor. She removed her bra and freed her beautiful breasts. I held up my hand for her to stop. I leaned forward and kissed her beautiful breasts, I fondled them with my hands and kissed and sucked them all over. My tongue danced across her hard nipples as I kissed and nibbled them. I nibbled her entire breasts then tried to fit as much into my mouth as I could. I ordered her to stand still and quit squirming. I hear her softly moan, "Yes master". I took her nipple into my mouth and let my tongue dance around it. I gently bit down on her nipple and slowly apply pressure until she gasped. I released it and took her other nipple into my mouth. I licked it and let my tongue flick it all around. I gently bit down on it and slowly increased the pressure until she once again gasped. Herr nipples were so hard and perfect. I leaned back up and motioned for her to continue. Slowly she undid her pants and slid them off her sexy ass and down her beautiful shapely legs, as she lifted one leg to remove them, I could see the wetness in her panties already. Her hands slid back up her legs and slowly, to the waist of her panties. I motioned for her to turn around and face away from me. She turn and slowly slid her panties down. As she bent over to remove them I forced myself not to take her where she stood. My eyes were glued to her sexy ass and the wetness glistening on her small shaved pussy lips. As she removed her panties, I watched her muscles twitch and move. She stood back up and from behind her I placed a collar around her neck and clipped a leash on it. I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around. I ordered her to spread her legs and she did. I stepped back and stared at her. I tried to memorize her body again, even though I know it so well. I am so turned on by the curves and softness and smoothness of her. My cock was straining behind the leather I was wearing. "Who owns you", I asked her. "You do master", she replied. "Who's pleasure is the only one that matters today", I teased her. "Yours and only yours my Master". I ordered her too her knees. She knelt down in front of me and I took her head into my hands and pressed her face onto the hardness of my cock. I told her to lick me. I watched as her tongue slid across the slick black leather, Outlining my cock, licking me. Finally I ordered her down on all fours. I walked her over to the coffee table and ordered her up on it. She crawled up onto the table and just watching her move let me know why I was there. She was on all fours, on the coffee table. My hand gently slapped her ass. Just hard enough to make her flinch. She cried out in surprise. I took a pillow off the couch and placed it in front of her. I ordered her to put her head onto the pillow but to leave her ass in the air for me. She complied with a yes master. She is so beautiful and sexy. Her pussy was so wet and there was a slight hint of a red hand print on her sexy ass cheek. I put a blindfold on her. I smiled to myself. I rubbed my hands on her body. Light feathery touches as I circled her. My fingers gently brushing along her ribcage and over her back. Down to the small of her back then suddenly another slap. This one a little harder. She gaspped. Suddenly a multitude of slaps rained down on her ass. Not hard enough to hurt her. Just hard enough to sting and make her skin red and hot. I hear her moaning into the pillow. There is alot of excitement in her moan with just a touch of pain. Just a whisper. Just a touch pain to enhance the pleasure. She felt my hands pull away from her. She felt the heat and the redness that I was looking at. Her ass was tingling yet she was so wet the the juices were starting to run down her thighs. Then she felt my lips on her red, heat filled, sensitive skin. I brushed my lips across her ass and let my tongue take little flicks across her skin. Even though her ass felt hot my lips and tongue left even a hotter trail across her. I told her to spread her legs for me and I slapped herr inner thighs to emphasize the point. "Yes Master". My tongue lashed out and scooped up the wetness from her thighs. Her taste was heavenly. "Who's ambrosia is this slave"..... "Its only for you my master", She moaned. I flattened my tongue and started at the top of the cleavage of her sexy cheeks. Slowly, with a broad tongue, I started to slide down her ass. My tongue was probing her crack as I slid closer to her tiny puckered hole. She started to moan as my tongue sharpened and explored all around her tightness. As my tongue sought to violate her, she started to wiggle and squirm. I slapped her ass and ordered her to be still. I forbade her to enjoy what I was doing because this day she existed for my pleasure only. She agreed and tried to keep from moving. My tongue finally slid into her and her moans got a little louder but still she was able to restrain herself from moving. She was here to please me and she was fighting every urge she had to move because she knew it would displease me. My tongue was now darting in and out of her forbidden tightness. Not forbidden by her but forbidden by society because it is taboo. Her pussy was almost squirting, she was so wet. My tongue started to trace the space between her ass and pussy. First darting into her pussy then trailing those hot slick juices back up and around her tiny, puckered spot. Her moans were a lot more guttural now and she was losing the ability to be still. Yet my tongue teased her more. Now I have included her clit into the patterns I was making with my tongue. I reached my arms through her spread legs and started to massage and fondle her breasts. My tongue is spreading her juices from her clit to her ass. More pressure on my tongue. More pressure on her breasts. "Tell me when you start to come slave, I want to enjoy it fully". "Yes Master", she screamed, "Oh god yes master I am fixing to come now". As soon as she told me that I stopped. I pulled my hands back and my tongue left her. She was begging me not to stop. She was begging for my cock, my finger, my tongue. Anything to get her the rest of the way to her waiting orgasm. I stood and walked to her head. I raised her up on all fours again. Her body was quivering with desire. I leaned over to her ear and whispered to you, "Do you want me to fuck you now sweet Hippie? Do you want to feel my cock spreading your ass open and slowly sliding inside you. Do you want me to fill your ass with my cock"? She was so horny that she was begging me to just fuck her. She was screaming for me to fuck her ass or fuck her little wet pussy. She didn't care, she just wanted me to fuck her hard. I removed the blindfold and I could see the tears in her eyes. She was so frustrated and so horny and so close to coming. I knew what I wanted now. I removed my leather bottoms and freed my rock hard cock. I started to walk back to her waiting ass, still teasing her with words. She was trying to order me to stick my cock in her somewhere and fuck the hell out of her. Her voice was filled with frustration and desperation and desire. I walked back to her head and told her that before she got anymore I wanted her to suck my cock and lick my balls. I ordered her to give me the best blow job she had ever gave in her life. I knew that I had her more frustrated and more horny than she had ever been. The tears in her eyes made it hard for me to not give her what she needed and wanted right then. But as soon as I told her I wanted her to suck my cock she started with a greedy hunger. I knew I had never felt anything like it before, her lips and her tongue, her hand stroking my shaft and her other hand fondling my balls. God, she wouldn't stop, My legs were getting weak and still this hunger did not let up. She wanted to please her master and her hunger surprised even her. Finally, I couldn't take anymore. I was on the edge now and I wasn't ready to go over. I pulled her mouth up to mine and kissed her. God did we kiss. She were doing to my mouth and tongue what she was just doing to my cock. The need and the hunger, the passion. I pulled her away from me and ordered her to compose herself. I ordered her back on all fours and she reluctantly obeyed. The look in her eyes was getting dangerous. I knew that I had played her for the slave about as long as I could and the real Hippie was fixing to break out and take over and then I would be the slave. I sat down on the couch. My cock still wet from her mouth and so hard. I gently pulled the leash to get her to come to me. As she settled into my lap I guided my cock inside her hot, wet, little pussy. I could feel how much I filled her, so full of me. So tight and so needy. I told her to slowly slide down my length until I was all the way inside her. I told her not to move. I took her breasts in my hand and started to play with them. I told her that she was going to sit on my cock and be almost perfectly still while I made her come. I told her that if she moved more than a slight wiggle I would pick her up off of me and tie her down and let her watch me masturbate and satisfy myself before I started the sexual torture of her body anew. Just a very, very, slow gyration from her hips as I continued caressing and fondling her breasts. I could feel the contractions of her pussy, squeezing the length of my cock, threatening to make me come. Slowly and softly I played with, and licked and kissed and sucked her firm breasts. She was honoring the slow gyration command. She was moaning and I was moaning. We were together. I could feel her climax rising. I started to get firmer and more commanding with her nipples. The nibbles got a little harder and the sucking a little more intense. She was sitting on me grinding harder now but still just grinding. The length of my cock was fully inside her and her clit was grinding into the base of my cock. Her breasts in my hand and mouth, My cock buried deep inside her, her pussy contracting and squeezing my pulsing cock. Sweat from our bodies mingling. At this point it was hard to tell who was the master and who was the slave. We were both slaves to each others passion and desire. Slowly our orgasm mounted until the world disappeared in a white hot flash as our bodies became one in a hard screaming orgasm. We rose together and we fell together. A very satisfying afternoon. We kissed as our passion abated only slightly. I looked into her beautiful eyes and saw the look of sheer ecstasy. I am sure she were seeing the same in mine. I breathed in the scent of what we had just done. My hands found her back and pulled her close to me in a lovers embrace. God I still wanted her and there was still some time left. I lifted her off of me and stood up. I led her collared, into the shower and the waiting passion that was there for us ..........................................

I am not dead yet

Hippink 35F
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9/21/2005 1:26 am

YOU own me, Master.
I exist for YOUR pleasure Master.
PLEASE fuck me NOW, Master!!!!!

-Hippie XXX

bardicman 50M

9/21/2005 7:05 am

Yes my Love.....

Oh yea, Thank you for "letting" me hold the leash.
I think we both know who is in charge >>!

I am not dead yet

Hippink 35F
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9/26/2005 11:04 pm

My Hubby LOVES your story. He wants you to do this ASAP. His wife needs to SUBMIT, be taught a lesson... and you're just the man to do it.

domegood05 55F
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10/11/2005 12:55 pm

I want some of the same tell me what to do Im a veery good girl

rm_Mzhineyhole 36F
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12/8/2005 4:13 pm

not me.. unless I am hoping I get hippie

rm_DaphneR 58F
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12/14/2005 8:00 pm

Ok, where's mine?

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

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