The Parable of Amway and its Continued Success  

bardicman 50M
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7/26/2006 3:30 pm

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7/28/2006 3:24 pm

The Parable of Amway and its Continued Success

In a land far away, a land not so much unlike this very land,lived a few close friends.

One day they had an idea, an idea to join many people together, people sharing a common goal or idea that could benefit many. They sat down and invented a little thing called AMWAY. Yes, Amway.

They decided the best way to meet and greet the most go getters would be to start out with only a small group of people and let these people meet and greet a small group of people and those would meet and greet a small group and the pyramid was invented.

They liked the idea because by using this method it would weed out undesirables because no one would invite a person that was not cream of the crop, go getter material into this army of sellers and consumers.

One day word got out that there was a big Amway convention in town and a few people got their feelings hurt when they saw who all was selling and using Amway yet no one told them about it. They contacted the people with the original idea and asked why they were not told of this opportunity. The were informed how the idea happened and surely there were a lot of distributors closer to them than the original founders but perhaps the oversight was just a mere coincidence by several people and it could be corrected with a simple invitation to the growing army of Amway people.

Instead of graciously accepting the apology and happily wading into the Amway life they decided to attack it and make comments like "I wouldn't do Amway now if they begged me too!" and other immature attacks in an attempt to make the original Amway idea and all that jumped on board look like people who thought themselves better than anyone else. So much crying and gnashing of the teeth.

Suddenly it became apparent to everyone involved in the great Amway experience. A person that would act like this because they were accidentally overlooked.... well maybe the overlooking was not accidental after all. Maybe the people closer to them than the original founders had a reason....

I am not dead yet

rm_1hotwahine 63F
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7/26/2006 3:39 pm

Hey, Bard...wanna come join our metaphor club? Only requirement is one major metaphor post.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

bardicman replies on 7/26/2006 3:40 pm:
I am so there !!!!!

NSAAddict 42F

7/26/2006 3:45 pm

That was fantabulous Bard!

bardicman replies on 7/26/2006 4:07 pm:
Why thank you NSA, you must like the products too.

jadedbabe78 106F

7/26/2006 3:50 pm

I totally got that and I'm not even following it the scenario.

bardicman replies on 7/26/2006 4:11 pm:
I would love to hook you up with some product.

southrnpeach333 50F

7/26/2006 4:20 pm

this sounds vaguely familiar but i can't quite place it....

bardicman replies on 7/26/2006 4:24 pm:
My parents used to tell me this Amway story at bedtime. When they werent reading "How to win friends and influence enemies".

rm_DaphneR 58F
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7/26/2006 6:50 pm

Fuller Brush is good.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

SolarPowered0 67M
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7/26/2006 7:08 pm

The Egyptians were the first to try that "Amway" scam. It worked for them for centuries... because they had a whole bunch of slaves.

Come to think of it, "Amway" has a whole bunch of slaves, too. They just feed 'em a little better and let 'em go to the meetings. Ah... something for nothing. The promise of unlimited wealth and prosperity, coupled with some high-fives and VOILA! You're somebody!!!

They didn't rope you into that shit, did they Bard?! Hmmmmmm...?

Solar...(out of the clear blue of the Western Sky)

BTW: I think that I love you, too, Bardie... All "43" swollen inches... of your belly, you freakin' Rummy!!! Get back on track and knock off that God Damned extracurricular bullshit - it ain't becomin' of you not to BLOG... regular like. *LMFAO*

PS: Yes, I am back and No... I ain't happy about it!

Seriously_Real 48M

7/26/2006 8:37 pm

You know, I've been thinking of a way to talk about this and the metaphor eluded me. And then you come up with it.

Hell, when SD30's done kissing you, can I have sloppy seconds?

It isn't often I'm impressed. But I am with this post.



ArtisticTwist75 41F
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7/26/2006 10:35 pm

Heheheheheheh - Ah Bardic... I thought this was so funny... loved it... see, I told you that you were a good blogger.


aascrompn 42M
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7/27/2006 2:39 am

Do they not have Amway in Arizona??

frassy_sass 54F

7/27/2006 8:05 am

Excellent post! I will say you never had to worry about your blog mojo.


warmandsexy52 64M
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7/27/2006 12:30 pm

You know when they were young and lived in Islington Tony and Cherie Blair's parties worked just like Amway. Tony is now our Prime Minister.

The closest thing to a parable I've read on this friendly site. Great post.


twirly_girl 47F

7/27/2006 6:48 pm

Hmm... I don't get it.


twirly_girl 47F

7/27/2006 7:27 pm

"They liked the idea because by using this method it would weed out undesirables because no one would invite a person that was not cream of the crop, go getter material into this army of sellers and consumers."

So... you are saying I'm crap? That I'm not worth the pot I piss in? All because I'm not part of some pyramid scheme?

Nice. Thanks for letting me know.


caressmewell 53F

7/27/2006 8:57 pm

I love it!!

moonlightphoenix 45F
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7/28/2006 8:21 am

I'd make a totally sucky slave.

I was too smart to get rooked into Amway. I'd rather keep my money and open my own business.

But I don't care that Amway is out there somewhere. Has nutthin to do with me and my business is so different that it's not in jeopardy of competition, merger or hostile take over.

Whew!!! Do I feel lucky!!!

Phuc_Buddy 46M

7/28/2006 8:39 am

That was excellent Bard and to impress The Shark that gets two thums up!

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