bardicman 50M
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12/18/2005 1:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Exhausted, I sleep.

Only at the point of total exhaustion,
my head nods, my eye lids droop, I sleep.

I have always heard that our dreams are in black and white. Not mine, no I dream in beautiful, 3D, technicolor as I dream of you. I can feel your body beneath my fingertips and I know you are there. I can feel your hands and your mouth eagerly accepting and returning these nocturnal touches. My heart is full with longing and desire for you and slowly we explore each others fantasies and desires and hopes and dreams.

I wake.

Cold, alone, lonely and longing.
I close my eyes but sleep will not come again.

I am alone until once again exhaustion overcomes me.

I am not dead yet

duststormdiva 51F
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12/18/2005 2:50 pm

Dreaming of Trav again? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

Dreaming in 3D technicolor of his beautiful body and throbbing...

Okay, I just can NOT go there AGAIN!!! ahahhahahahahaha


bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 3:00 pm

mmmm Trav


I have to vomit..

I am not dead yet

rm_sj365 55F
2414 posts
12/18/2005 3:15 pm


you are writing so very well these days for a guy who doesnt sleep much

themisskrissy 56F
2302 posts
12/18/2005 3:28 pm

damn, i was hoping for a punchline... instead of the melancholy i feel now.... very touching bard..
wanna play in a mistletoe patch????

Virtue Alone Ennobles

pinkplaytoyz 50F

12/18/2005 3:32 pm

i've always dreamed in color; I've heard it said that those who are truly "aware" dream in color...

it gives depth to perception,
and is so in life...

we can feel what we perceive.

rm_DaphneR 58F
7938 posts
12/18/2005 3:47 pm

"To sleep, perchance to dream."

One day your dream may just become your reality.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
12/18/2005 3:53 pm

The picture matches the words, cold but I like it.

rm_luke69iner 48M
3275 posts
12/18/2005 4:22 pm

Holy Shit Bardman! ... Sorry I always want to say that ... To my simple mind it sounds fun like saying, Holy Shit Clowns Batman! I guess I'm easy to entertain. Sorry I guess I'm messing up the beautiful vibe you got going. But this cold, alone, lonely, and longing vibe you got going makes me want to swallow a couple of bottles of Mepergan. I've been feeling way too much lately to. I was almost wanting to get a box of tissues yesterday and go watch tne movie The Notebook. Holy Fuck Monkeys Bardman ... hehehehe ... yep still funny. Anyway I popped in a few pornos and all those nasty needing love feelings were locked back up tighter than Martha Stewart at her X-Mas Party. Sorry that's just my fantasy that my sweetie Martha is into B&D. Mmmn ... ball gags it's a good thing!

Now what the fuck was I trying to say.

Oh yeah, nice post Bard!

Luke "Martha's True Master" 69iner

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 4:30 pm

SJ - Thanks.. sigh.. I snxxxxxxxx

I am not dead yet

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

12/18/2005 4:32 pm

Dream sweet dreams babes
Try make them of same sex
Trav has enough worshippers
silky x

SolarPowered0 67M
8018 posts
12/18/2005 4:34 pm


I just cannot bring myself to comment on this "scenario" you have written of. It seems much too little water has flowed under that bridge as of yet! Well, I could comment on it - but I won't. It's quite a personal issue, isn't it?... Well, isn't it?!

If you continue to be exhausted, you might want to get some extra vitamins, minerals, protein and such into your system. And stay the hell away from Texas - even if "only" in dreams!

Solar... *LMAO*

PS: Perhaps, a 'female' name, here, would help? Or maybe some time? You know, you may very well never live it down - without one! *ROTFLMFAO*

SibylBatchAxile 43M
384 posts
12/18/2005 4:39 pm

Dammit, I thought this title said 'sheep'.

I thought you were going to tell us of Trav's new romance...


Man, that guy needs some fluffy lovin'.

bulging_boy 49M

12/18/2005 5:32 pm


I too dream of you when I close my eyes.

I'm just so pleased now that I've seen the picture in Travs blog, that you are even taking safe sex to bed with you.

mwah! you little horndog munchkin

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:43 pm

Sj - Hmmm seems I have alot of comments not sticking today.. Thanks for the hugz and the english lessons. As you can tell I will be needing more soon.

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:46 pm

Krissy - Sure.. where in the hell can you find mistletoe this time of year.... The only one I can find is the one hanging from my belt buckle.

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:49 pm

Pink - I too have always dreamed in color..

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:51 pm

Daphne - I do hope someday my dreams come true.. Well all EXCEPT for the one of trav........

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:52 pm

Saint - We all know a better day is dawning.. That is why we hang on to ourselves and never forget WHO we are...

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:56 pm

Luke - I am your father ...


and yet tomorrow brings another smile from someone somewhere..

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 5:57 pm

Silky... Tonight I choose to dream of you..

Trav dream left a bad taste in my mouth pfffffffft

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 6:00 pm

Solar - Live what down.. I have already forgotten...

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 6:01 pm

Darius.. Yes... he needs something that I just cannot give,

I am not dead yet

bardicman 50M

12/18/2005 6:07 pm

Bulge - hmmmmmm

You know safe sex is the only way to fly... Head first !!

I am not dead yet

themisskrissy 56F
2302 posts
12/18/2005 7:03 pm

can't think of a better place to hang the mistletoe...except around my neck on a pretty ribbon....

tis a tough season for long distant and unrequited lovers, as well as those others alone....

sweet dreams to you!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

oldman1776 78M
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12/18/2005 7:35 pm

Nice young man. You sleep tit now.

rm_1hotwahine 63F
21091 posts
12/18/2005 8:50 pm

Okay, okay...have you and Luke gotten all the "I've always wanted to say" s out of your systems????

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

DeepRiverDreamin 47F
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12/18/2005 9:10 pm

Sometimes dreams seem like all we have, but still, it's better to hold onto dreams than nothing at all.

demonicsexkitten 41F
10671 posts
12/18/2005 11:44 pm

*sneaks in to lie beside you, petting your hair and singing soft and low, calming, happy, peaceful songs... lulling you to a more restful sleep... leaves a soft kiss to your forhead and sneaks back out, careful not to wake you.

Sister_Act_4_You 38F/38F

12/19/2005 1:57 am

I am right there with you......

_Safira 53F
11260 posts
12/20/2005 9:13 am

You know ... I see this theme emerging for all of us and our tortured dreams. I've finally said, "F@#k this shite! I'm staying an insomniac!"

Seriously, though ... I hope all is well. You remain in my thoughts.

Warmest regards,


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