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bardicman 50M
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11/4/2005 1:32 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Pot Bellied Lover .....

So a little over six weeks ago I decide to stop spending my hard earned money on Winstons. I am not sure how but I quit. Cold Turkey not a puff in over 6 weeks.
Problem is... I went to see the surgeon concerning my friends the (not one but TW inguinal hernias and discovered that I had gained 16 pounds since I quit smoking. From a svelte 162 to a sweltering pot bellied 177.6 pounds.
I noticed my belly was getting a little bulky (My weight goes to my belly, the holes in my arms and legs must be to small for the food to get through) but I wasn't fretting it to much. Until last Friday when I saw how much weight I had gained.
Diet time...
So today I was picking up some bulk Items at Sam's Club (everyone needs shampoo in the gallon jugs) and I kept smelling the rotisserie chicken. Damn it smelled good and I was starving. So I think. Hmm roasted is better than fried and I can buy a whole chicken and take home for supper. With the kids and my room mate maybe I will get a leg and that will be plenty.
When I got home there was a note saying they went to a chili supper and fall festival and would not be home till way later.
I ate the hole damn chicken!!
Tomorrow I start my diet.

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caressmewell 53F

11/4/2005 12:28 pm

Congratulations! My one year mark is the 17th of this month. I put on 20 pounds and I am still trying to lose the last 5 of that. Maybe it's the beer....

rm_SultryVirgo 48F
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11/4/2005 3:23 pm

Good for you, about the smoking, not eating the whole damn chicken......oh who am I to talk, chocolate speaks to me.

However, I have been unable to break the habit myself, but, it's either smoking, or I'm turning to the hard drugs, it prevents what could potentialy be a rather ugly scene

bardicman 50M

11/4/2005 4:51 pm

Caress - Congrats to you on your 1 year anniversary! I am impressed that you can drink beer and not smoke. I have given up alcohol until I am sure I can handle the desire for a cigarette while drinking.

Sultry - I had a choice between the roasted rotisserie chicken or the smoked chicken....... ROFL. Maybe someday you will do what I did. Just refuse to support the big tobacco's bank account anymore.

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themisskrissy 56F
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11/4/2005 5:04 pm

bard, 7 weeks after i quit in feb, i was being admitted to my second home, the hospital.. they went to weigh me and i wouldn't look..the nurse asked me what was up with that.... i told her i didn't want to see what 7 cartons weighed...
yes my pants got a bit tighter... and considering i haven't been physically active in months i am doing not too bad... the pants are fitting just right again...
you can get a grip on your eating... drink water!!!! .. paste a mock up of swampass on the fridge and cookie cupboard.....
i always wanted something to orally fixate on... but damn it i was single too much!!!!! i did the cold turkey too... no patches or gum or zyban..
congrats...and keep breathing clean..

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spinmedown 49M
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11/4/2005 7:15 pm

Don't fret the yard bird, Bardman.

I think they are actually roadrunners and have alot fewer calories.
To me there is just something unappetizing about rack after rack of sizzling chicken hoop-de-doo going round and round and dripping on one another. Damn! That almost sounded kinda erotic......scared now.

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bardicman 50M

11/4/2005 10:33 pm

Krissy - I have the same the problem, I would like to target my oral fixation elsewhere but I am single. hmmmmm. Not double jointed either. ROFL, If I could suck my own dick I wouldn't need a girlfirend and I wouldn't have to eat all the time...

Spin - Ignore my response to Krissy, fact is, I always make sure I get hens when I buy chicken. I don't want to be known as a cock gobbler. But if that would have been a rooster that I brought home I have to wonder, since I ate the whole damn thing, Did I deep throat a cock?

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rm_SultryVirgo 48F
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11/5/2005 2:35 pm

All this talk about food......

However, Bard, Krissy, I admire your will power, since I am lacking in that department, at least in regards to smoking, and apparently chocolate as well, one day I know that I will actually give it up.

Strangley enough, I feel the urge to go and get a smoked chicken now....


slidein2meplz 61F
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11/5/2005 8:20 pm

I quit smoking in '90-91 thru hypnotism, and it worked....completely. 6 months after I quit...I blew up...all of a sudden it came on me out of no where it seemed.

I gained 90 lbs...and I'm only 5'2"...and I was already a bit plump....but not too terribly much. After the 90 lbs came on...then I was really big. It wasn't so much being food, because I really wasn't eating any more or less than I normally did, it was because my metabolism slowed way down.

When you smoke your body works harder to move oxygen around...and when you aren't smoking any more...then it slows down because it doesn't have to work that hard. So that's how and why my weight came on me all of a sudden.
No matter what I did or didn't do I could not get the weight off.

I was a non smoker for 7 years, went to a 4th of July party about 8 yrs ago give or take a few and had a cigarette...only because I was drinking...then had another one...then went and bought a pack and have been smoking ever since....dropped about half of the weight I had gained off....recently lost another 40ish lbs.

It's a tough habit to break especially cold turkey. Good luck with it.

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Claudette33 106M/106F

11/6/2005 1:20 pm

Congrats on quitting! I've quit too many times to count, but unfortunately am still smoking. Last time I quit, it was also 6 weeks and I gained ten pounds! Unfortunately I decided that I could only control food or smoking, and chose food. I'm smoking now and have lost the ten, plus 5 more. I tell myself that after I get thinner, I'll try to quit again. One friend of mine sarcastically remarks, "You'll look good in the coffin!" Keep up the good work, just cut down on your carbs and you'll lose the weight!

bardicman 50M

11/6/2005 2:32 pm

Sultry - I really think the smoked chicken is worth going after Right now I am craving a drumstick dipped in chocolate......

Slidein - I am staying away from the alcohol. The last time I quit I was barely making it until I got hammered then *POOF* right back on the Winstons!

Claudette - Food without carbs is like well.... I don't know but its like something bad. I want a cigarrette but I wait and the desire lessens. I want a whole chicken but I wait and soon I am wanting a whole turkey

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TheSquirtMaster 45M

11/6/2005 2:40 pm

Damn you bard! Now I'm gonna have to go to the store and get a fricken chicken, lol. I love those things! I actually had an idea for opening a self serve yard bird restaraunt. It would basicaly be pretty much like KFC, except you get to go in the back and choke your own chicken.

MaggiesWishes 60F

11/9/2005 4:49 am

I admire you Bard!
I woke up one day ... quit the smoking habit without a care. Was free for a yearr.
Moved to NYC, it was either go back to smoking, grab a drug, or check myself into the nearest "looney bin". So, I took the habit up, again.
I keep thinking that I'll wake up ... and "poof" it's gone again ... that urge to keep my fingers busy and my mouth at the same time.
Hum... LOL!
I can do without chicken ... for the moment.

Sultry ... I know that feeling too... lol

Squirt ... they do that in certain area of the country already... live chicken stores, you pick it out... they choke it, and it's all yours. Then of course, maybe that wasn't what you were referring to?

bardicman 50M

11/12/2005 6:28 am

Squirt - Maybe you could add it to my bar and game room. You know the one. Liquor up front, Poker in the rear...

Maggie - Having someone else choke your chicken is just not the same as choking your own...... Sorry you had to take the habit back up. I have been thinking that I should. Why, after 2 months, are the nicotine fits returning???????

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rm_DaphneR 58F
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12/14/2005 9:45 pm

Those chickens are good...just don't eat the skin

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