I am getting scarce....  

bardicman 50M
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9/21/2005 7:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I am getting scarce....

Damn I am tired. I will be hard to find for a little while. I work 2 jobs and contrary to popular belief the "Advice Lines" are NOT one of them.

I work in a supervisory position over night and in the construction business during the day and both jobs are really hectic at the moment. A lot of days I leave my house at 10pm and do not return until around 6pm the next day. I take a shower and a quick look around here and then a couple hour nap and I am off again.

In the midst of all this hectic crap I have decided to not smoke for awhile. It's now been 28 hours since my last cigarette. This is coming off a 2-3 pack a day habit.

I am not dead yet

spinmedown 49M
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9/21/2005 3:34 pm

The patch is a Godsend if you want to try it. You might want to start with the 14mg; because the 21mg always made me a little queasy, and I smoked as much as you.
If you decide to leave it on at night you might also have some funky almost virtual reality dreams as a side effect. Very cool. I'd wear them just for the dreams. Good luck. Relax. We'll be here when you get back.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

UrPrudentGye 57M

9/22/2005 12:17 am

That`s a damn shame. You wit and insight will be sorely missed.

MissAnnThrope 56F
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9/22/2005 2:00 pm

Yeah, I know the feeling of people thinking the advice line is your job. I've been taking an extended vacation from them.

I admire your strength in quitting smoking. I can't use the patch or the gum, both make me deathly ill. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to quit smoking. As I just commented elsewhere, by the fourth day, even militant non-smokers are offering to buy me a pack. I'm guessing what's going to have to be done to me is what they do to heroin addicts who go cold turkey. Find a nice, sound proofed room, or somewhere the screaming won't bother anyone and tie me down for a month. Until it's all out of my system. I would love to quit, before I end up sounding like Lunchlady Doris.

Hippink 35F
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9/22/2005 2:38 pm

Take it slow. Listen to your doctor.
You will be rewarded well. And I don't just mean with your health and money saved.
-Hippie XXX

bardicman 50M

9/22/2005 9:12 pm

The strange thing is I really had no interest in quitting but I ran out of cigarettes and didn't have an interest in buying a pack at the moment. I was dead tired and just wanted to get from one job to the other with a little time to nap and the quick mart was full and didn't look to quick. I ran hard all day Tuesday and after about 12 hours without a smoke I thought screw it I will wait till tomorrow.
Its been 3 days now and tomorrow hasn't come.
Love is a strange emotion. I have only had a couple bad nicotine fits but I decided against crumbling to the urge. It's because love is a strange emotion.
Spin and MissAnn, I have not had to try gum or patches yet. 3 days cold turkey because of love being a strange emotion.
Explanation. There is a person that I want and need, a person I desire and crave. So much more than the cigarette hanging from my lips I want this person. I have to deal with this desire so the need to smoke pales in comparison.
Dr. Hippy XXX
Keep my desire for you high and I will come to you smoke free with plenty of wind in my lungs to blow you away

Thanks all for the words of encouragement. It helps more than you know. Especially since the first three days are susposed to be the hardest and I have no decided to follow through with quitting.

I am not dead yet

spinmedown 49M
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9/24/2005 4:34 pm

No Pain-No Gain, eh? After 3 days all the nicotine is gone from your system. It's all mental from here on. Sounds like you might have something to keep your mind off it. Think good thoughts.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

bardicman 50M

9/28/2005 9:19 pm

Yes its all mental. Only now I am 9 days out and its still in my brain but I am clean

I am not dead yet

Hippink 35F
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9/29/2005 2:16 pm

YOu ARE a truely amazing man.
-Hippie XXX

rm_mr_right1956 60M
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9/30/2005 9:05 am

Hope you stay on track. If hippie square wanted me to quit, I would to !!! (had to throw that in) .. Do miss your take on issues , especialy the lame questions. I can say that cuz what few posts I have made not been blasted by you !!!! O yea , HI hippee square

rm_Mzhineyhole 36F
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12/8/2005 4:14 pm

quitting smoking is a good thing

rm_DaphneR 58F
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12/14/2005 8:17 pm

Nonsmokers taste WAY better.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

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