Death of a Beloved Blogger.  

bardicman 50M
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3/19/2006 10:58 am

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3/23/2006 7:54 am

Death of a Beloved Blogger.

Dateline: Atlanta Georgia, (AP newswire)

The residents of peaceful Stewart Avenue were shocked this morning when the body of a male was found around 6am. Local Residents were just stirring and brewing coffee and fetching the morning papers when an anguished cry filled the brisk morning air.
Yolanda Smith discovered the body lying there.

"I done be thinkin' he be sleepin," She told this reporter. "He be lying der on dat corner wit a smilin face and he be clutching a fist full of money."

Police have identified the body as Bardicman, a resident of Possum Trot, Arkansas. Cause of death has been attributed to alcohol poisoning. Atlanta's Finest were able to trace his steps back to where bardicmans fateful night began.

According to desk clerk Akhmed Ibriham, He left Motel 6 around 8pm bragging about heading to Mazzy's, a local hang out for Atlanta Area Bloggers. Police were able to track down and interview several people that Bardicman had been in contact with the previous night.

caressmewellCaressmewell Yes, he walked in bragging something about having a blog. I just smiled at him and said sure honey, what ever you say. I figured he was just another lonely soul looking for friends and we are a friendly bunch here in the south. He did kinda reek of Old Spice but hey, some people still like that I guess.

Aascrompn Well, I knew he looked kinda green after he had 2 drinks but I just kinda figured he knew what he was doing when he ordered the 3rd one. I mean, he is a grown man and all. Er well he was.. well you know what I mean.

sexydisaster30Sexydisaster Yes I saw him. The first thing that popped in my mind was, I need to take him shopping for clothes. I mean D'uh, doesn't he know that his style went out in the 1980's? Of course the way he was slamming back the Shirley Temples I figured the last time he went out was in the 1980's. He kept looking at me like he was constipated or something, then he would ask me if that look made me wet. It was a sad display of testosterone gone bad, what a fuckchop.

southrnpeach333Southrnpeach He was some kinda sick pervish guy. I mean, he walked in the bar all nice and stuff but after that first drink he just turned into an animal. And I don't mean a good animal either. He kept looking at me and asking me if I was really me. Told me to take my pants off and prove it. The little bastard.

Elbman What can I say? I don't know anything. Well, I know he was taller that Aascrompn but other than that? He was like a man whore in heat.

Spinmedown I liked him, he seemed like such a nice guy and we chatted a bit, what? this isn't a murder investigation? OH!, That slimy old fucker. Who the hell does he think he is anyway. He was a smart ass on the Advice Lines, A smart ass on his blog, and a pissy drunk smart ass in person.

liquidiamondLiquidiamond He was such a sad little man. I think he just wanted to fit in. Of course I let him know the first time he leered at me there was no way in hell he would ever "fit" in this. Pervert.

justaseeker Oh pulease. I was never so happy to be just an anonymous person. He offered to get me a drink. I told him it would be a nice gesture. He stood there waiting for me to give him the money for the drink + a tip.

gobruins64 I was just enjoying the company. Didn't pay much attention to the loud mouth drunk guy. He kept singing something about I'm not as good as I once was but I am as good once as I ever was.. WTF is up with that?

Police are still trying to figure out how he wandered from Mazzy's loud party environment to the sleepy silent neighborhood of Stewart Avenue. While foul play is not suspected at this time, foul odors are suspect.

I am not dead yet

jadedbabe78 105F

3/19/2006 11:35 am

LOL...well alright.

And I stand by what I say...I live in the wrong fucking state or area of the country for that matter .

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 11:44 am:
Well Jadey, I guess I could always swing by and pick you up. I would be more than happy to let you hold a gun on me so you would feel safe
Alas is does not look like I will make it back home to you can just have my car.

ticktock500 43M

3/19/2006 11:44 am

i could think of worse ways to go...

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:46 pm:
I agree Tick.. There are far worse ways to go.

angelofmercy5 58F
17881 posts
3/19/2006 11:45 am

Too funny! Glad it isn't really true!!

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:46 pm:
Yes, And I can only hope that is does not come true....
This is like a premonition or something.

007sexy40plus 50F  
7603 posts
3/19/2006 11:56 am

Leave it to you bard, to come up with this. Very funny....

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:47 pm:
Thank you 007, er Straight...Straightten.

papyrina 50F
21133 posts
3/19/2006 12:01 pm

will there be booze and good food at the wake

I'm a

i'm here to stay

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:48 pm:
Yes my dear Papy, Asti Spumante and Twinkies for all.

caressmewell 53F

3/19/2006 12:25 pm

So sad..

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:49 pm:
Caress - If its so sad... then why the hell are you laughing your ass off
Oh I cannot wait.. can you spell PARTY !!!!!!!!!!!

elbman 41M  
2566 posts
3/19/2006 1:17 pm

appears to be a suspect after learning of a plot for kidnapping him was thwarted, decided to remove all the males on the popularity list above him; some of which were implicated in the conspiracy. "I'm gonna like that little white boy in here" one prison source stated.

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:50 pm:
Little white boys like him and prison go together like peanut butter and jelly...
Like a plug into a socket.
Like dirty underwear into a washer.
Like meth in my ex-wifes nose..
ok I will stop now

womanoirish 53F

3/19/2006 1:18 pm

thank dog the man had a semi-happy a reasonable facsimile thereof.

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 1:51 pm:
Thank Dog is right.

Glad to see I am ton the only dyslexic ereh

Kaliedascope61 41M
4084 posts
3/19/2006 2:32 pm

Oh no! it just won't be the same now!....but at least i'll be able to pass him on the list now

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 5:46 pm:
Passing me on the list is not a problem anymore. I am so un-list oriented
I mean look, aascrompn even passes me

LustyTaurus 48M  
21253 posts
3/19/2006 3:28 pm

LMAO...I needed that...

Good Post


bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 5:47 pm:
Taurus, always happy to help out, especially when it is a smile that is needed.

rm_1hotwahine 62F
21091 posts
3/19/2006 4:20 pm

All is not lost. Easter is just around the corner.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

bardicman replies on 3/19/2006 5:49 pm:
Hot1 - Yes... but shhhhh.. Don't tell everyone that I am going to rise from the dead.. I don't want it to get ugly around here...

rm_Bacardiman42 53M
176 posts
3/19/2006 6:01 pm

Actually, in the spirit of Alcohol consumption.. I have been born.


Come see me [blog bacardiman42]

bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 1:34 am:
I am sure you will prove to be a problem

kelly402005 52F

3/19/2006 6:47 pm

The soul lives on........
Blog on!!!!

bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 1:37 am:
The soul never dies, the blog lives on.

southrnpeach333 50F

3/19/2006 9:25 pm

I didn't see a thing, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 1:38 am:
Hmmmm, I told you to hold the magnifying glass so you could see something.. Damn girl.. What ever am I going to do with you?

catseyes23 61F

3/20/2006 2:59 am

Thanks for the laugh, Bard. I needed that.


bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 4:24 pm:
Cats - A laugh is always good for the soul.

SolarPowered0 67M
8018 posts
3/20/2006 9:18 am

' I'm King of the BLOG and I drink my grog in the sunshine
Captain and cokes and bar-room jokes keep me feelin' fine
And there's always a stage and a beautiful babe to squeeze my lime
Guess you could say, in my simple way, I'm livin' in the big time. '

...parrot-phrased from Big and Rich

They've finally gotten to you, haven't they? I knew it was merely a matter of time before "Bacardiman42" would be born of the "spirit" to take the heat. *ROTFLMFAO*


bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 4:25 pm:
Solar - I feel like Vicki on all my children. These damn personalities....


rm_1hotwahine 62F
21091 posts
3/20/2006 9:55 am

"Yes... but shhhhh.. Don't tell everyone that I am going to rise from the dead.. I don't want it to get ugly around here..."

No, wait, don't say that, you'll--awwww, never mind... (shakes head and walks away, wondering about Arkansasans)

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 4:26 pm:
Oh yes, sure you walk away wondering about Arkansans, What about me? I am stick here?

rm_DaphneR 58F
7938 posts
3/20/2006 1:15 pm

He's going to arise from the dead, but has he got anyone lined up to roll away the rock? I doubt it.

Have tongue, will use it. Repeatedly.

bardicman replies on 3/20/2006 4:26 pm:
Oh Crap !! The fucking rock. the FUCKING rock.

I knew I would forget something.

ArealUnicorn 44F

3/20/2006 3:19 pm

and at the funeral there would be many woman weeping and throwing themselves on the coffin bemoaning to the almight but we never got the chance....

*weeps in despair*

bardicman replies on 3/21/2006 6:33 pm:
Unicorn.. if thats what you are wearing to the funeral I am sure something will rise from the dead.

spinmedown 49M
3626 posts
3/21/2006 6:15 pm

Atlanta is a little slice of heaven.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

bardicman replies on 3/21/2006 6:36 pm:
I have heard that Spinnerman, I also heard I could get a piece of that heaven on Stewart Avenue

rm_1hotwahine 62F
21091 posts
3/22/2006 1:54 am

    Quoting Sensuous_Salz:
    Now, now.....don't go putting a label on us, just cuz we live in Arkansas.....
damn, I'm in trouble now.... (erases proposed vacation car trip route and switches to I70)

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

bardicman replies on 3/22/2006 11:58 am:
Now I can't take you out to lunch

I was planning on some fat back and beans and some roadkill stew.

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