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1/2/2006 3:22 am

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So that is my cat Addie.
Hes a sweet loving cat, but after a long week of me being at the hospital my nerves were shot and I called for a pizza.

"Hello, id like a combination pizza"

"Ok thats 18.74 Delivery?"


"Be there in 30 min or less"


>>>>>>>>>>30 mIN GO BY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I get my pizza set it on the bleary eyes and tired from 4 hrs of sleep in a 4 day period.. I hear my cabana boy say to me...

"Miss Bunny... what did u order?"

"A combo pizza u know meat n veggies"

I look at the cabana boy, He has a quiet look on his face as if hes dismantling a bomb, looks atthe pizza, checks the label, and tucks it back neatly all folded back up, and looks at me, and calmly states..." says here U got a peperoni extravaganza"

Oh nonono this will NOT do!

I quickly reach for the cordless phone filled with frustration of a bad weeks events and call the pizza lackey.

I explained kindly..(wheres my combo pizza & he thought I ment the peperoni extravaganza...HUH?!) Our conversation promptly ended as he asked if I wanted anything else with the corrected order, and now 40 min into it, "I replied...Just my fuckin pizza!

As I hung up the phone with my growl I find my cat sniffing around the pizza box. He looks at me, then the box, and then tears into the folded box with his sharp teeth (exhibit photo below) and tore a whole through the whole box, and lifting it all open while it was tuckd up! He was expressing his dissatisfaction with the pissa as he opened up the box he worked hard for to open, sniff, and walk away in disgust. U know if the cat wouldnt eat it neither should u so beware about ordering the peperoni extravaganza.....

(2b cont)

Its good to be...ME

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