Being Prepared.....  

barbiebunny 36F
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9/25/2005 5:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Being Prepared.....


Ty Tillerbabe for posting this.Just getting the word out. ~~Bun

I apologize for the ‘seriousness’ of this, but it needs to be said.

This is what I have to say: “FUC’INGFORGETFEMA” (great alliteration eh?)

Really tho’, I think it is my duty as someone that is experienced in this realm to give some good advice ‒ for all of you that I care so deeply about. So, if you read this, please pass it on to others to “read” it, or at least “share’ the information.

Everywhere, in this great Nation of ours, there is the potential for a Natural Disaster and/or Terrorist event.

Government organizations will do their best ‒ but unfortunately bureaucracy and egos often get in the way. Here are some ways that you can best protect yourself in a time of crisis:

First: If you are asked to evacuate: GO! And take the following with you:

We should all have a “kit” to provide survival for our family and pets at our home and in our cars for at least 5 days. Included should be:

- Water ‒ for 5 days
- Food ‒5days
- Prescription drugs ‒5days
- Pet food/prescriptions ‒ 5days
- Pet leashes, cages
- Utensils
- Clothing
- Toilet Paper
- Baby wipes
- First Aid Kit (for you and your pet)
- Blankets
- Batteries
- Flashlights
- Battery operated radios
- Water proof matches
- Personal hygiene
- Extra contacts/glasses
- Cell phone
- Money, (small change, small bills ‒ ATM’s won’t be working)
- Walkie-talkies
- Gasoline/fuel

Also, if you are involved in an earthquake (which I’m sure will happen in my lifetime and my career in my City):

-Turn off Gas utilities to your house
-Have generator, (if at all possible)
-Replace your landline phones into their “cradles”, (not necessary with portables) ‒ but the “old style” ‒ the phones will typically be “jostled” out of their cradles and ALL phone service will shut down due to this.
- Have a”contact” phone number and place of meeting out of state ‒ far away from the disaster where family members can leave messages and “hook-up”

I currently live in a City that is on a major earthquake fault ‒ it WILL happen. Connected to these earthquakes are active volcanoes ‒ Mt Rainier, Mt St. Helens, Mt Baker. Mt Pilchuck, Mt. Adams ‒ that are just ‘waiting to spew on us….and well, water+earthquakes=Tsunami. So, I am very aware.

We all have the “potential” to be involved in something catastrophic and devastating.

Take care of yourselves…don’t count of FEMA or any other organization to be there ‒ we probably won’t… I know what we are capable of and well…. even with the best-laid plans and drills ‒ it is never what you expect. And…..we will never be “as ready” as we should be…..I’m deeply sorry about that, but you have no idea how fuc’d the system really is. It has more to do with money and politics than you know....

Take care of you…because you are loved…{=}

Its good to be...ME

ThumbChickStool 33F

9/25/2005 10:45 pm

Good ideas. I wonder if it's feasible to have all that ready here in Vegas? Gotta talk to the ball and chain about it.

rm_REDROO1313 46M
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9/25/2005 11:34 pm

smart thoughts from a wonderful person,
Oh and for those of you who happen to have a electric garage door, one more item
an axe or saw that can cut through your door, so that if you need to and can use it, you can get your mode of transport out!

tillerbabe 56F

9/26/2005 11:55 am


Thank you for "spreading" the word....!

barbiebunny 36F
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9/26/2005 5:37 pm

well a good thing to do is i put them in those big plastic bins u can get at any store like target , kamrt.. then just put it all inside and update as necessary... then u can throw it in a car easily or carry it. make sure it contains a book with all important numbers such as insurance carriers policy numbers, family numbers etc

thanks to everyone that added ideas. this is important in the times were in.

Its good to be...ME

wanakissuallover 57M
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10/6/2005 1:40 am

You can also buy Emergency kits (for 1 person or family sized-of different time durations...24/72hrs etc.) which have the basics (ours are 72/3day kits and have 5 cardboard boxes containing 1 each of: food/basics/1st-aid/personal/water in a handy "drink takeout"-like handled carrier) packed all neat and nice for just add the personals (med's/book w/#'s etc.).

The one we have is from Survival Solutions out of West Valley City, Utah (I'd include their addy & # if i knew i wouldn't get in trouble for it-Bunny i'm just not as fearless of authority figures as you are). The boxes even have handy survival tips printed on them (example: diagramed instructions to turn off your basic gas valve; reusing the water bag to collect dew/condensation; a place for names and numbers/rendezvous points etc.)

Alot of church's & other non-profit organizations (Boy Scouts etc.) do fund drives by selling these kits. Before i moved from Texas one of our church's newest Eagle Scouts did that as his Eagle Project/Emergency Preparedness Organization w/info. from the above company in case people wanted these kits. I bet anyone who bought them is glad they had 'em after what just happened to the La./Tx coast and East Tex./Western La.

Just remember to check experation dates (some items do have a shelf life even if they are ment for long term storage), and to replace things if you do have to use 'em! Remember to also update your kit if you move! I've gone from Hurricanes/Tornados/floods and the rare ice storm in East Tx. to Avelanches/occasional mudslides/snowstorms/occasional blizzards and living on one of those pesky fault lines up here in Utah. Tailer your kit to the enviornment you live in.

Good ideas and thoughts here Bunny. It wouldn't hurt to keep this one reposted from time to time just as a reminder...Texas sooo benefited from the devastation in New Orleans. If that wasn't so fresh in everyones memory, then Rita would've been the tragic mess that Katrina was, in lives lost and unnecessary suffering.

wanakissuallover 57M
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10/6/2005 1:59 am

P.S. If storing your own emergency water, be very careful of what you store it in. They are now making some of those Milk jug/Orange juice container out of bio-degradable materials. Leaking water jugs won't be fun to clean up after, especially if you store alot of 'em (a whole familys worth).

It never happened to me (i saw it on a news report), but i used to store emergency water in rinsed out milk/orange juice jugs. I was able to take two baths w/what i stored under my spacious sink area(East Tex., even in the spring, w/out a fan is warm & i sure needed two, even for only a day and a half). My new job was delayed the day i had my utilities shut off for my expected several month absence. You see, emergencies come in many forms.

They are now making some of those out of bio-degradable materials. Leaking water jugs won't be fun to clean up after, especially if you store alot of 'em (a whole familys worth).

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