~Bedtime stories part 2~  

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5/11/2006 8:56 pm

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~Bedtime stories part 2~

I undress, watching you stroke Ann's hair with bliss on your face. "He wants to fuck you, Ann. I want him to fuck you." Ann lies on the bed, parted thighs inviting you. You look at me nervously. I smile and nod, and you mount my maidservant. Her legs wrap around your back, as her wet cunt welcomes you. Your lust begins to take over, and you pump at her enthusiastically, forgetting about me. I reach into the drawer, and pull out some toys. I smile to myself, knowing that you are unaware of my existence, let alone my actions.

I hear your breathing get more ragged, and Ann moans happily at your thrusts. The room smells of sex. I quietly approach you from behind, but you couldn't stop now if your life depended on it. I push the greased anal probe into your ass and hear you grunt in pain and pleasure. Every muscle in your body goes stiff, and then you jerk violently as I twist the probe. You explode into Ann, triggering her orgasm. I stimulate you from within, Ann's cunt stimulates you from without, and you moan and jerk uncontrollably each time I move the probe. Finally, you give one last shudder, and collapse on top of Ann as I withdraw the probe.

You are handcuffed before you have strength to fight it. "What are you doing?" you ask, frightened. I drag you down the steps, any further protest stilled by the panties I stuff in your mouth. Then we go to the basement. Ann follows us quietly. I turn on the light, and watch the fear grow in your eyes as you regard my dungeon. My pussy begins to itch at the sight, and I tell myself not yet, Alice.

Ann helps me secure your feet, then adjusts the padded table so I can bend you over. The cuffs are removed, and your arms are secured by ropes, then pulled away from your body. You are bent over, arms and legs spread, completely at my mercy. Ann removes her panties from your mouth, and you immediately scream for help. As if anybody could hear you in the soundproofed room. Still...

Thwack! goes the riding crop across your butt. You yelp in real pain, and tears flow. I hit you again. And again. You are crying freely now, and my pussy is crying as well. I have Ann rub some soothing cream on your burning rear, while I prepare for the next act. "Kneel, and watch silently, my slave." Ann obeys immediately. She is the well-trained one, isn't she?

Hanging from a strap around my waist, the dildo touches the separation of your ass cheeks. You immediately tense, and beg me not to do it, with a heart-wrenching sob. I egg you on, and you beg harder, believing that I may not do it if you beg hard enough. I listen to your futile pleas, and watch the phallus bob with my every movement, getting very excited. I begin to push the plastic phallus into you. You cry in pain and humiliation as I begin to thrust at you. I fuck you in the ass. The role reversal adds intensity to the feelings I get when the dildo presses against my clit with each forward thrust. I revel in the domination, and the throbbing of my clit responds by increasing.

I stop and withdraw, leaving you sobbing, hurt, humiliated, but with an erect penis. Your humiliation grows with the realization, as well. Ann helps me move the table, and the strain of being supported mostly by your arms shows on your face. Your penis begins to shrink. Ann and I move the barber's chair in front of you. You look up, pain, anger, and malice in your eyes. I sit regally on my throne, and tease my cunt with the riding crop. I haven't come yet, and your mouth is to be the instrument of my orgasm.

You start to speak, but the crop flicks across your back, leaving fire. The tears reappear in your eyes, washing away the anger and malice in them. Our eyes lock. "You will suck my pussy until I come." Ann begins to play with your penis, and you moan at her touch. She stops as soon as you show pleasure. "Suck my pussy," I state. You don't move. The riding crop touches you, and you flinch. Ann teases you, and I quietly repeat, "Suck my pussy..." It isn't long before you tentatively strain towards me.

"What are you trying to do?" I whisper. Your head moves closer to my wet, musky cunt, but the chair is too low for you to reach it. "Say it," I urge. "Say you want to suck your mistress' pussy." Ann continues to tease your cock. You lose all resistance. "I want to suck your pussy, please." I don't react, and there is a long silence. "Mistress." The word is whispered, with more than a hint of distaste, but it's good enough for now.

Ann leaves you and jacks up the chair at my signal. Your mouth fastens on my cunt, tongue driving into me, and bolts of electricity charge through my body. My hips thrust at you as I gasp in joy. The riding crop falls to the floor and I grab your head with both hands. I push your face between my legs, thrusting my hips forward, and smothering you in my juices. You suck on my clit, and the orgasm I had been working on all night arrives with full impact.

I scream loudly, but I can't breathe. Vivid colors flash like strobes around me, and my hips shake, pumping up and down without conscious thought. I am no longer capable of conscious thought, no longer in control. My entire body is on fire, and it radiates from where your tongue comes in contact. I moan incoherently, panting, then not breathing, heart racing, then stopping. I am unaware of anything except the ecstasy of this moommmeeennnnntt...

Its good to be...ME

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5/12/2006 11:59 am

Is this REALLY what it is like to be a fem. Dom?

barbiebunny replies on 5/12/2006 2:51 pm:
[post 335230] a clue

(Princess Lips)

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