~Bedtime Stories Volume 1~  

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5/11/2006 5:47 pm

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~Bedtime Stories Volume 1~

I see you in the bar, sitting, beer in hand. You're watching the band intently, the music filling your blood. At the break, I make my way to your table, ostensibly to talk to one of the musicians there. I sit down at your side, brushing against you briefly, seemingly ignorant of the contact. But I'm watching your reaction. I feel you twitch, and your heart beats a little faster. Good.

The musician at your table knows me. We talk briefly, then he leaves us. I introduce myself. You look at me, the tactlessness of your youth betraying your polite instincts. I lean back in the chair, stretching my long legs, and allow you a better look. I pull out a cigarette; you quickly (too quickly) light it. While I was not looking for the kill, and I am not dressed to hunt, you are too willing a victim to leave alone. You are young and eager. I am mature and experienced. It's a wonderful match for now.

I make two more trips to the bar; you watch me, rolling your eyes wistfully over my 6'2" frame. Be careful what you wish for. The music continues, but my presence is beginning to fill your blood much more than the music. You want to leave, but your ride is on-stage at the moment. "Can I give you a ride home?" I ask. You eagerly accept, and the trap is sprung.

We get into the car, and I note with amusement that you're sitting a respectful distance away. I drive off, and as I make the first turn, you suddenly rediscover your voice. "I forgot to tell you where I live," you say sheepishly. I pull the car over, unfasten my seat belt, and lean over you pinning you to the seat. I kiss you aggressively. It's a good kiss. Tongues duel actively. My hands, one on your chest, the other, pressing against your thigh, give me a physical sense of your reaction. My presence fills your senses and your soul. I pull away, composed. You are anything but. "What made you think I meant your home, silly boy?" I hear you swallow. You're afraid of me. This isn't the last time you'll know that feeling.

We drive on, as your fear and your fantasies battle in you. I can almost hear them in the silence of the car. When we arrive at my house, I wait for you to try and run away. It would be a long walk back to the bar, but some try anyway. You don't run, and it would seem that your fantasies have won the battle. As I close the front door behind us, it is definitely too late for you to reconsider. I pull you to me for another kiss. Surprise at my aggression delays your response, so eager and welcome when it comes. I caress your manhood through your pants. It is time. We are both ready.

I lead you up the stairs to my bedroom, where the first of many surprises awaits. I wait for you outside the bathroom, and pull your pants down when you come out. I guide you, stumbling, with your pants around your ankles towards the bedroom. Both of us laugh. You for the absurdity of walking with pants around the ankles, and I in anticipation of the reality that your fantasy has not prepared you for. I open the bedroom door, and gently urge you to enter first. I hear the gasp of surprise as you regard Ann, my maidservant, who is sitting on the bed, naked.

"Mistress?" she queries. Her blonde hair covers her petite breasts, and her blue eyes regard me, awaiting my command. I feel a little twinge of desire for her, but I am busy holding you tightly, and blocking your exit. I command Ann to service you. Your struggles subside as Ann takes you in her warm, soft, wet mouth, and fellates you with the loving care I commanded.

Its good to be...ME

rm_anacortes 74M
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5/12/2006 11:55 am

GWD!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 foot TWO !!!!!!!!

Oh baby.. where did you get those genes???

DAMNED if I can believe no "freak" has posted yet..

Makes me freaky eh?

barbiebunny replies on 5/12/2006 2:56 pm:
(in my big boots dear) quite the sight..gotta love that german master race crap..haha... hey u said it frrreakkkkk

(Princess Lips)

5/16/2006 11:56 pm



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