Tight Jeans  

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12/9/2005 4:32 pm

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Tight Jeans

Oh Boy! I was in a store today and had to speak with a department manager I had never met regarding training. What a hottie. Real cute, long brown hair, glasses and wearing tight jeans. She comes up to me and stands real close. Normally, I like that. This time, I wanted her to stand three feet away so I could take her all in. Nope, she wanted closeness. After talking to her, I pretended to rummage through my files and get on my phone so I could check her out for a while.

Unfortunately (for me), both the retailer and my employer both have fraternization policies forbidding relationships of any kind. Damn.

My ode to her:

You walk by me
innocently enough
in a pair of tight jeans
that makes me want to erupt.

You bend over
your ass so fine
you make me think carnal thoughts
all the time.

I pretend to work,
be on the phone.
My gaze averts;
do I dare take a look?

My mind wanders
of things I want to do,
to run my hands
over your thighs.

To unzip those jeans,
slowly unwrapping your body.
Kissing my way down
to the finer things inside.

But my furtive glances
will have to suffice;
my fantasies unfulfilled,
all but a wish.

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