Christmas Cheer at Work  

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12/23/2005 8:36 am

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Christmas Cheer at Work

kats60's blog today reminded me of one year at Christmas at work. One of the cute accounting ladies had filled a thermos with Baileys and placed it in the fridge in the break room. She went around telling a few select folks (myself included). I went and got a cup of coffee and topped it off with Baileys. And another. And mid-morning, I was getting hammered.

I was running payroll checks and needed to get a signature from the controller to verify the check count. I had to drink several large glasses of water to get my bearings and find some mouthwash. I think he knew I was hammered anyway (and several others in the office). It must have been my glazed eyes that gave it away. He joked that we should have started the party after lunch

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