A Cold Night and a Hot Bath  

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12/7/2005 7:40 pm

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A Cold Night and a Hot Bath

The wind is howling outside and I can hear sleet hammering against the windows. Since I don’t have a fireplace, on nights like this a nice hot bath is in order. I have a nice tub ‒ deep and long enough for me to stretch out. I usually use a bubble bath, but I ran out and did not want to deal with north Texas’ worst drivers.

The dogs are curled up on the carpet next to the tub and I’m soaking and relaxing. I have this old mixing bowl that I fill up with warm water and then pour over my chest and neck while I lay back. The warm water courses over my chest and neck and pours down my shoulder blades. It’s so relaxing; the water feels like I’m lying against a small waterfall.

And now, I’m having trouble staying awake

When I was in the Marines, I was fortunate enough to go to South Korea several times. This was in the days before the “Kraut” Kevlar helmet was introduced. One of the things we used the tin pot helmet for was a washbasin. Usually the shower tent was the last thing to go up, so we had to take a sponge bath with cold water in March in Korea. On my off days, I would take a bus into town and go to the local public bath. The other Marines I was with thought I was nuts at first. After I came back scrubbed down and relaxed, they got into the habit, too.

Korean public baths are nothing fancy. Men and women are separate. There is a locker room/lounge where you store your clothes and get a towel, a washcloth and a small plastic tub. You go into an adjoining washroom with spigots of hot and cold water and low benches. In the washroom, you scrub the grime and rinse off. The small tub is to pour water over your body and to carry your soap, shampoo, etc. After cleaning up, you walk into another room with three large pools ‒ two hot pools to soak in and a cold pool. One of the hot pools is comfortable warm, and the other is scalding hot. After soaking in one of the hot pools, you hop into the cold pool. There is supposed to be a health benefit to this ‒ the hot pools open the pores and the cold pool shocks the body. I find it invigorating.

After soaking and shocking the body, you dry off and can opt for a massage.

I wish I had the time to take a bath more often.

bangingmyhead 54M
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12/8/2005 7:58 am

When my feet are cold, I'll get one of my dogs to lay on them. A nice foot rub will warm your feet right up

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