people who....  

IronsFetesSinai 56M
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10/4/2005 9:01 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

people who....

Bitching about prices of anything ***GAS for one***. Have you been to your congresspersons web site and let them know? Have you called?? Snail mail??? Voted???? "I have!"
People need to wake up! Talk to, no YELL at them, let them know. "WE" can't take the rise of prices like they are. Has your pay gone up to cope with it? Bills go down elsewhere to help? How long do "WE" sit back and let the "SOMEONE ELSE" do it!!
But hey,let them increase them. Shoes are pretty cheap compared to miles you get for gas to the miles you get per shoe.
Remember the national smoke out? Look what its done to smoking in the USA.****hummm, Wow,I wonder what would happen IF "WE" started a ****NATIONAL GAS OUT DAY**** boycott all gas stations for one day!!! Hit them in the pocket!!
They have raised the price up 100% and now the natual gas is going up 50%, food has jumped up,...etc.
Until "WE" stand up say something to the right people. "WE" might as well piss up up the rope, because it doesn't get anything done either!
Remember those words " WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE"! They ment something once!?
If by chance you agree, VOTE here, approve or not or neutral. Don't post!!
If this idea sound goods, VOTE here!! If you want to try to set up something like that "national gas out" How about a day that will hurt the most. The day before national welfare day "turkey day". One of the biggest travel days or the day after? The biggest shopping day. What message would that send!!! Got an idea?

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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10/4/2005 12:48 pm

You set it up and I'll get my picketing shoes ready. I'll dust off my protest gear. SDA coughs as she blows the dust off of her riot gear... it's a little out of date, she thinks she may need to come naked, hopefully no objections to that. Well, hopefully fellow bloggers will be there to keep her company. Looks around for blogging black book. Aha, begins to search for names and number so we can get a full blown convention going. Speaking of convention, this would be a great thing to bring up at the Blogging Convention. Get all bloggers involved. SDA starts looking around for paper and pen, her brain is working so fast she knows she won't remember all of her ideas in the morning.

Right, back to answering Bangher....

I think that a great idea! I'll spread the word. You should let us know what you plan is and we'll be there to stand behind the march. Bloggers UNITE!



IronsFetesSinai 56M
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10/15/2005 11:17 am

I have them already, and alot of other ways too.But one person can't yell hard enought for the people we elect to office to hear. The only way they hear it,is in the walet.
People don't understand this country was bulit by US, not the big companys,not the weathy,We need to stand up!!!Get up off your a_s and write your senators, congess, the news papers,etc..
You can't walk thou life with blinders on. You tend to walk into walls, like high gas prices, food, water, rent, morages,sex toy's, etc...

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