Second Dance  

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11/27/2005 4:06 am

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Second Dance

We go back into the bar and have a drink. I'm still feeling horny but it was a little cool outside. As we sit and sip our drinks the band starts to play another slow number, just the type of music you need for a slow dance. I look into her blue eyes and don't have to say a word. We both stand up at the same time and head out to the dance floor. I hold as close as I can with my hands on her butt knowing now that she is not wearing any panties. I massage her butt through here dress as we slowly dance around the dance floor. The whole time I'm getting a raging hard on which I know she must be able to feel. I look deep into her beautiful blue eyes and can almost guess what she must be feeling. As the dance comes to an end she ask me how I'm feeling. I look at her and and reply "What do you mean?". She says I think we need to go outside and have another breath of freash air before you pass out. We are both smiling at each other as we head for the door for another breath of freash air.

BlueEyez4u2u 48F

12/10/2005 7:50 am

dman, and me not knowing how to dance... that is it.. I am going on- line to find "How to Dance Slow".

Bandit.. I like the blog.


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