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12/24/2005 3:33 am

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It's a hot Friday. It's my day off so I decide to go to Keystone lake to do some fishing. I've been there for about two hours and haven't caught a thing. I'm in a secluded spot so I decide to take a quick dip to cool off. Suddenly A blue eyed woman I know shows up. She looks at me with those blue eyes and ask me "Why wasn't I invited?". I'm taken by surprise when you ask me how the water is. I say just fine why don't you join me. We are now both splshing around completely naked in the cool water. you swim up close to me and wisper in my ear I'm horny can you help me? I look deep into your blue eyes and say yes I can. We stand in the water and as I hold you close with one arm the other hand slowly slids down past your breast, past your belly, and I start to slowly rub a spot on you which starts to make you shiver. I ask you if you are cold and want to get out of the water and you wisper to me no, let's have sex right here. I position myself so I'm standing in front of you. You lift one leg up slightly and as my hard penis slids into you, you moan loudly. It takes no time at all for us both to come hard. I look into your eyes and say lets go to the shore I have a blanket in my truck. we spend the next hour on the shore making love hoping no one will catch us.

rm_giggles128 55F

11/29/2006 8:29 am

WOW! I have green eyes but would love to be the blue eyed woman.

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12/7/2006 8:19 pm

The color of her eyes makes no difference to me. Looks are not that important. What impresses me is what is on the inside of a person not the outside.

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