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6/19/2006 11:54 am

monday's fuckin suck except for one little thing, beautiful women!! You fuckin hot ass ladies must not be able to wait for monday so you can dress in your new clothes that you just bought or drown yourselves in that great smellin new stuff you just got over the weekend!! well you know it makes me fuckin horny as hell all day,I sure love them ladies.Too bad you all can't find the courage to show off a little something? you know a little open leg shot of that sexy little pussy with no panties oohh thats so nice,or even a bent over,look at my tight ass type shot!! YEAH, we know your fav is the low cut top breast fix but it's even better if you tell me how hot it is while you adjust them, but the best of all would be if you would just tell me how sweet my tongue would feel leaving a thin line from clit to chin and back again,cuz you know I would!!!! Just grab me by the hair and tell me to eat that pussy motherfucker and lick it dry,cuz you know I would!!!!anywayz,if they only knew I would be a very busy boy!!!,but you know well I guess they don't know cuz they don't tell me but they should know if I give you that look like you look like lunch you should say something like you look hungry wanna catch a bite to eat or something and I'll be all over it,like stink on shit!!!!! so the moral of this story is fuckin say something already I know you want me but I can't say anything in my position but you can cuz I don't get my feelin's hurt or get scared of being ,cuz that all sounds like a good time and as long as I'm happy then the sun will still rise!!!so tell that freak to suck your pussy he just might,and you just might like it,fuck whatever,YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!!! good day ladies and remember I'm ALWAYS lookin and watchin so make it a real good day eh!!!!!

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