The Humiliating Comparison  

ballsontheline 48M
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4/7/2006 11:02 am
The Humiliating Comparison

Dean has been corresponding with me online for a few weeks now. I really hope that we will meet and live out our fantasies for real. He is 6'6" with a 9inch by 8 inch cock between his legs. His dick is as thick as my wrist and he has red pubes.

He wants to be worshipped. He wants me to submit to him. I would love to work on a roleplay scene with him where he is the bully and I am the victim.

I want him to force me to my knees and make me suck his cock. I want to deepthroat his huge, thick dick. Then after fucking my mouth, I want him to flip me onto my back and throw my legs up toward my head. Then I want him to thrust his huge man cock into my hot manpussy. I want him to make me beg for his cock.

That would be a really hot scene. I would really get off comparing his 9x8 inch cock with my 4x4 inch sissy dick.

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