Caught skinnydipping at the lake  

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9/11/2005 5:20 pm

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Caught skinnydipping at the lake

This past July I was at my favorite lake. It is not far from NYC and it only is a 15 minute hike down the hill to the secluded swimming spot.

I went down the hill at about 4pm and went straight to my favorite spot. I looked around and couldn't see or hear anyone at or near the lake. I then stripped off all my clothes, put them in a pile near a bush. I covered them with some additional greens from the area. Then I started walking into the cold water. It was early July and the temperature of the water was only 68 for the first foot of water, but was a much colder 64 just 13 or so inches down.

I swam out to an island and then laid down on a rock to sun my naked body. I closed my eyes in total bliss. I was earnestly jerking my dick when I heard voices and the sound of leaves and twigs being rustled and broken. I waited until it was getting dark and then I got in the cold water and started to swim for shore.

I was about 10 feet from shore when I saw 2 men in their early to mid twenties. I did not dare go any closer because I did not want them to see me naked. They were looking for something and they were awful close to the hiding place for my clothes. One of them took off the cut greens and saw my clothes neatly piled on top of my sneakers.

He picked up my shoes and clothes and walked them up the hill away from the water about 20 feet. Then the two of them sat near the water waiting for me to get out of the water.

I waited in the water for about 30 minutes before deciding that they were not going to leave. By that time I was very cold. My tiny dick was shrivelled up like nothing. I swam toward shore and started to get out of the water.

Both guys were staring at me but they could't see that well. All of a sudden one of them turned on a powerful flashlight. He shined it right on my naked groin. Each of them was giggling when my tiny, shaved dick was exposed.

They pulled off their pants to reveal two nice dicks of at least 8" each. I was embarrassed and humiliated that they saw my tiny dick and that they had more dick than me.

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