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7/22/2005 9:56 pm

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attractions ~

Work is always adventurous...tonight I burned the heck out of my arm bc I was suddenly nervous. WHAT? ME??? Nervous??? yes...

There is this guy that comes in and he is SOOOOOO attractive. First time I saw him, I was drawn to him. He seems to be a nice guy (good guy), is always reading interesting books, likes to do crossword puzzles, and likes music. 3 for 3...I have my ways of finding out things about people from simple questions and me wanting to know how old he was, got that question in a couple of weeks ago. He is 23 I just dont know if I would want to go down that road...I mean, yes, I do not look nor act my age and he seems to be mature...I just have this thing about dating someone who is WAY younger than me. I have dated guys as young as 5 years younger than me...why not allow another 4 years to that??? 9 years...scary.

The girl that worked with me tonight said she thinks he has a crush on me as much as I have one on him...It is just scary because I know that this could be good - I dont know!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Guess I just need to get to know him more then go from there...I am counting my chickens before the eggs hatch...

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