The best time with a client, ever!  

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7/5/2005 11:23 pm

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The best time with a client, ever!

Last year, I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to see me for an overnighter. I drove 2 hours to see him and I was NOT let down!

We met and had an instant connection. He sat me down in his livingroom and brought me champagne and fruit with chocolate! We then went to dinner at a nice resteraunt (sp). When we got back to his house a little later, I excused myself to the bathroom and came out wearing a bustier and no panties. I think if he wasnt hard before then, he was when he saw the clean shaven area on me! Couldnt hold back and we basically attacked each other. Once the 1st round was over, he got out his toys and it was onto round 2! WOW! He got in another 3 pops before we just fell into an exhausted sleep. He got up early in the morning and started breakfast. The smell of yummy food and coffee got me going...After we ate, it began to rain TORRENTIALLY! SO, we just hopped back into bed for a couple of more hours...I left there and came back home and was VERY happy...

Things like that help me remember the people I see - And I am more willing to go out of my way when someone is more generous with things - like gifts, flowers, etc. It is like I am a "professional dater" in a sense...

SunneyOne 44F

7/6/2005 4:22 am

I'm kind of confused, and I'm not sure what the Politically Correct term is nowadays...But, are you a hooker?

ballbuster2005 44F

7/6/2005 11:40 am


ferrari3469 45M

7/6/2005 12:26 pm

Hope that doesn't shock you, Sunney. I'd pay YOU....hehe

ballbuster2005 44F

7/6/2005 1:35 pm

LOL evil gonna whip you! wait - you might like that! hmmmmm...

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