How can one woman stay so wet all the time?  

ballbuster2005 44F
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7/5/2005 1:31 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

How can one woman stay so wet all the time?

YES I am talking about me!

I am ALWAYS wet (well, except if I take anti-histamines but anyways) and damned if I cannot get laid all the time like I would want to. Yes, I know, all I have to do is say "Cum get me" to some men and they would be running to me to get it. But yanno...When it cums to sex and people I have sex with, I am a bit picky. Kinda weird hearing that from a "lady like me" but yes I am. I have had my one night stands in the past, probably WAY too many, but it is part of growing and figuring out what you like huh?

I no longer have one nighters - while it feels all-powerful to have them and knowing that the man wants to see me again to have that yummy taste on their tongues...I am just left feeling empty. While I knew that they wanted me, and while I may not have been very attracted to them, we both got what we wanted.

But back to the title...How CAN I stay so wet all the time? Man, I dont know...I can say that there are some men that come into where I work and I just want to have at them...And then the men that hire me (sometimes) are the ones that I wouldnt want to even have a one-nighter with. There are a couple of REALLY sexy ones - Ones I wished would last longer than 15 minutes, cuz yanno...I can hang with the best of them!!!

Wiley1960 56M

7/5/2005 2:11 pm

It is a good thing to stay wet...reminds you that you are still driven...and and it is understandable you are a bit picky...just because you are, as you say, "A woman like you" it doesn't mean you separate yourself from your tastes and desires. Nahhh, it is al good that you do pick and choose...Pratville huh? Montgomery is my old hometown...haven't been back since September on my way to Destin...but I digress. <wink>

rm_Techie321 44M

7/5/2005 2:33 pm

Maybe you've got other women's fair share, haha... my wife for example, for some reason doesn't generate more than a minimal amount of natural lubrication most of the time. That's an interesting question though... are you wet because you're horny all the time? Or do you get horny after realizing you're wet? Or are both just symptoms of the way you're wired, so to speak?

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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7/5/2005 3:34 pm

lol... all someone has to do is whisper sweet nothings in my ear and I get wetter than all get out. I don't know what it is... some men ask if I have some KY on hand, and I tell them that this gal has no use for it. They never believe until they see. Some of us gals, I guess, I just blessed.

ballbuster2005 44F

7/5/2005 11:07 pm

I cannot figure out what makes me wet all the time. I mean, I was dating this guy and he went to touch me...he was shocked bc he hadnt even began any forplay. He asked me if he turned me on that much.

I guess just the thought of sex does it to me and yes, I am constantly thinking about it with my profession and all. and seeing those SEXY men *whew*

TxRose - LOL yeah the only time I ask for Lube is when it comes to Anal Otherwise, it isnt hard on me to produce it LOL

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