still don't understand women  

bajanbendcock 38M
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4/4/2006 3:34 pm
still don't understand women

tell me what de hell does be going on in the minds of women,i met someone on AdultFriendFinder couple days ago, so i say i gine see where things lead.first i couldn't find where she lived ,then when we met it was a bit strange because i am a shy there i was sitting in this lovely young lady's house not sure what de hell i doing and how de hell i get there.not beening able to talk with like i had a little bit of scents.
things started off strange and got worst because i didn't know what to expect,so many things going through my mind, like is this person a wacko, all i wanted to do was leave but i could not find the courage to leave just like that .so i stayed ,trying to make a weird situation seem natural.every time i looked around this person staring at me and got me uncomfortable, all that going through my mind is make sure you get home safe ole boy hear.we tried talking but it just was not there, no spark no sort of chemistry.whoa to do ,i made nice until the movie we were watching was over and waiting for my chance to leave she said she was sleepy, so i took that to be my way out. so i said was i am ready to leave scents she was sleepy, called a taxi and that was that .still don't know how to get female work out in my head.

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