missing in action  

bajanbendcock 38M
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7/8/2006 7:55 pm
missing in action

i have been missing for awhile because i felt the need to have this time to myself to refect on the things that have happen in the last couple of months.I think things are now taking a for the better ,i started opening up myself to some new things that i never thought i would never try but people must change with the times.I am still yet to understand the things people say and do ,just when i think i know where someone is coming from ,their turn around and do the complete oppiste of what i think their will do, it just leaves me wondering why even try to understand them.
my love life something to laugh at if only i would stop putting all of my eggs in one basket, i have seem my friend go around and sleep with three and four women at the same time and i am wondering why am stuck in a holding mode not able to mover forward with some one for the meantime, just someone to have meaningless sex with with no strings atteached .I sound so pityfull and i am beging to fell that way,i have to change my whole mind set. One good thing i can say that has happen is that i have been doing more to shake these feels lets hope i get better at it.

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