meaning of life  

bajanbendcock 38M
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4/23/2006 6:33 pm
meaning of life

today i sat thinking about the meaning of my life .Shit had me in a fucked up mood , frist i was wondering why shit happens then i started to realize most things happen for a reason,like my many break-ups and shit like that. I was awaken by my ex this morning and it brought back some memories that i wish i could forget.All my relationships seem destinted to fail because i never take that time to really get to know the person before jumping into bed , so i have made my mind up not to get into something that i am not prepared for .Wanting and needing someone takes too much out of a person .On a lighter note aother of my exs called me tonight ,i was exspecting the call because i saw her in town the other day and i did my best to aviod her ,i know she saw me but i didn't tell her seems that when me an someone part all i do is think about them and how their are doing and with whom their are doing it with.I know that is a bit crazy but what can i do.all i can do is be me.In the last few days i have been trying to get out and meet new people but shit aint wuk ,i am still the guy that stays back and let things happen instead of making them happen ,i got to change that

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