in not out.  

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5/2/2006 10:35 pm

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in not out.

when she first came into my life, she would always avoid meeting me, would always try to arrange a meet but she always on the last minute cancel, till one hot summer day she said okay, and we met. we hit it off right there and then. we just talked for a short while and then we agreed to go to my room. and held hands in the elavator. when we entered the room, i thought i should start the action, she then turned around and started kissing me and slowly undressed me, kept kissing/undressing me all the way down. till she started blowing me. it lasted for 15 mins, till i made her stand up, and i said my turn. i then laid her on the bed, then started to kiss her and slowly undress her, what i didn`t know was she had a friend following us and that the door wasn`t locked and she crept in. as i was eating her i felt a hand fondling my balls, i was about to turn around she held my head, and said 'relax and enjoy this" then i kept eating, the other girl started to suck me. and she was good, or maybe i was caught up in the heat of things, cause i only lasted 2 mins. and i came. then i kept eating her till she came. i then started on her friend and my girl gave me a blowjob too. the thrill of two girls with you is really fantastic. i wish i could surprise my girl with another guy. we are meeting up next week. wish i could find one who is willing.

cutepink6969 37F

5/4/2006 5:52 pm

sorry i feel like im in the cross road undecided which way to take but don't worry i let you know if i made my decision asap. miss you much pls take good care.

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