Hello Ladies, let me tell you more about myself  

baggenz82 34M
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5/8/2006 3:36 pm
Hello Ladies, let me tell you more about myself

Well i took some advice from other members that wrote me back and I'm ready to try this again. after my last blog i was upset at all the dead ends of this site to "Upgrade Now!" but with the power of the blog and the interest of local groups I'm ready to meet some local women here in town. so let me tell you more about myself, I'm 24 and I'm chef. I grew up in El Paso and went to college in Denver Colorado. some how i found myself in El Paso again, and realized how fucking boring it was here and said to myself " what the hell am i doing here!" if that wasn't bad enough i also found out how hard it was to pick up a girl in this city, compared to Colorado. i don't know every lady is cut throat out here and will kill another women just for looking in her direction! what is up with that, cant you ladies just be friends? any ways Can't wait to hear from you ladies out there.

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