Pee fantasy....  

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12/22/2005 4:22 am

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Pee fantasy....

I wrote this naughty story... a fantasy. Maybe you like to live it, or a variation, out with me one day.... -SCREENED-
Last week I met this gorgeous woman walking her dog along the path behind our house. She was pretty hot and I was pretty horny…. I approached her with my camera, told her I needed to take a picture of ‘nature’ for a competition and I figured a male dog peeing could be ‘call of nature’. Could I follow her around a bit and sneak in a picture? She giggled, my heart skipped a beat, she said ‘sure!’ And my stomach felt the butterflies.

'You like pee?' she asked me. I nodded shyly. Male dogs pee a fair number of times, and I missed the first few opportunities, chit chatting to Sharon, which she told me was her name. Looking through the view finder was difficult with a straying eye that kept on following a jean-skirt with lovely legs under it. God knows what was above the skirt line. The top was enticing too, perky puppies were hiding there I was sure! My shorts were feeling very tight, and I had to hang my T-shirt out and make excuses at times to hide my excitement.

The next week I ran into her again and she asked how the pictures went. She gave me her email so I could send her a couple. She refused my offer to print an enlargement of her dog peeing! She started calling me ‘boy’.

A few emails later she asked ‘the boy’ to come for another walk. I showed up at her door feeling flustered, shy and awkward. I had showered and groomed and was secretly hoping for more than a walk. When I showed up the weather started looking pretty bad and it looked like rain any second. Not in the least looking like going for a walk she offered me a cup of tea instead. She was wearing cute shoes with stockings, her signature jean-skirt that I had become accustomed to seeing her in, and a loose top through which I was sure I could see her nipples.

She perched on top of the kitchen counter and asked me if I thought she was attractive. Looking into her skirt, seeing lingerie under her stockings, I could not lie. I stuttered something and she giggled sweetly. She seemed a bit nervous, but tried to sound confident as she asked me what I liked about her.

‘Well, your legs are awfully sexy’ I managed to get out.

She lifted her leg, showing enormous flexibility for a 30 something year old lady.
I blushed.

‘And I should add that those stockings look very good on you Sharon’. I mumbled after an awkward silence. What was she doing to me! I had no control over this. What is a committed man to do in this situation?

Sharon cleared her throat and said she needed the boy to take off her shoes for her, and in case I did not get it yet, this was her house and this was an order. I shyly but gladly obeyed, my blood rushing to every organ but one; my brain. My other important organ was pushing against my shorts, and I was not sure whether to even attempt to hide it. Surely Sharon must know what she is doing and wanted to see that reaction I suppose. Her shoes came off easily, exposing lovely stockinged feet and manicured toes. She stretched her feet, wriggled her toes, passed me her other foot. I repeated the task in silence as her de-shoed foot gently touched my shorts...

I rubbed her foot a little. She moaned.

‘Don’t stop now boy! My stockings need to come off honey’.

She put her hands by her side and pushed, lifting her butt off the kitchen bench. I got my hands, as if by instinct, under her skirt, and gently fondled for her stockings. They rolled off her like only stockings would. I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch, through her almost see-through panties. I only got as far as just above her knee before I felt compelled to kiss her thighs. I kissed, I licked… I could not go up, I had to take the stockings off, I had my orders.

She sat lowered her butt as I continued rolling down the stockings whilst gently kissing her legs, knees, calves, and finally her feet. I noticed she had scratches on her legs, even that turned me on. The stockings had come off and I was on my knees licking her toes… Sharon fumbled for something; it was a bowl of chocolates conveniently placed near her.

‘Here is a reward for a good boy’ she said as she slid a chocolate into her undies. ‘Come and get it boy!’

I stood there as if turned to stone. She had to remind me I had no choice and that although it was a reward, it was also an order for me to get it. ‘With your tongue!’

Sheepishly I moved my face to her crotch. Her flexible leg raised in the air allowing me space. I licked around the edge of her panties. I felt that heat radiating and could smell chocolate melting. I could see a brown stain forming in the centre of her panties. I put my tongue against it and felt a wave go through her body. I could taste chocolate. I could feel her clitoris firm and distinct.

Now with the taste of chocolate my tongue slid around her panties and licked as much and deep as it could, given the constraints of the brown staining fabric. Eventually she allowed me to remove them, as she lifted her hot butt of the bench for me. I licked her gently and deeply, cleaning all traces of chocolate. I licked her panties for good measure too. My face was covered in chocolate. Sharon noticed and giggled.

‘You look like you need a drink now’ and I nodded in agreement.

Sharon reached over and got to the open bottle of wine that conveniently stood next to the stove. She ordered me to put my tongue where it belonged and wait for refreshments. I lapped her wetness. She squirmed. She raised her butt of the bench and ordered me to first touch her arse with my tongue. Never having done that kind of intimate thing before I hesitated.

‘Or it is no drink for the boy’. I proceeded and licked up and under… It felt sensational to feel that tight little ring there.
Sharon sat back down and skillfully dribbled some wine down her belly into her crotch. I tried to catch it as it drained through her flesh. She dribbled more and more… Funny how it seems to almost come out of her I thought.

‘Wanna see a trick boy?’ I nodded as the wine spilled over my chin.
‘Keep on drinking!’ she ordered me. Then she took a sip of the bottle.

The wine turned hot and taste went kind of sweet before I realized what was happening. She was dribbling pee into my mouth! I was caught by surprise, but she had her other hand on my head, pushing me gently towards her little hot fountain. I failed to drink any more in surprise, but licked as the hot piss dribbled on the kitchen floor.

‘You said you liked pee!’ and she laughed. As she laughed a large squirt of pee gushed out and hit my face! She looked a little guilty and asked if I was alright after that little dam burst. I nodded with a wet face; ‘It was refreshing actually’ I stammered, feeling so hot and turned on, blushing like an idiot, my shorts still on and very uncomfortable.

‘One more chocolate for the boy and you can move to my breasts’, and she slid a chocolate into her mouth. Swirled it around her mouth, took it out. Smeared it past her nipples and slid it casually in her arse! A little squirm, a jiggle, and a little push. The chocolate disappeared between her butt cheeks. I looked surprised. She lifted her feet onto the bench and lifter her hindy off the surface allowing me access.

I licked her arse. This was unbelievable, it felt sooo good. I expected it to be disgusting, but boy was that hot! Sharon thought it was hot too, that was obvious from her squirming.

When the majority of chocolate was removed she lowered her legs again and ordered me up to her breasts; ‘Lick boy!’ I licked for a few minutes, rotating nipples with a mouth kiss in between as I swapped from puppy to puppy. In the mean time my cock was pushing against her naked flesh, gyrating and wanting. Sharon allowed me to remove my shorts, but keep my underpants on! My shoes were already kicked off somewhere along the adventure.

‘Stop!’ she said suddenly. I can’t hold it any longer, I need to pee.
‘Come into the backyard with me now boy’, as she jumped off the kitchen bench and headed for the backdoor, carrying my pants ‒ the latter worried me a great deal.

I glanced around to see if this was a private backyard. Fortunately it was, as I did not want to be caught out with a naked woman covered with suspicious looking brown marks over our bodies! There was no sign of her dog and the rain was still pending.

Sharon ordered me to take off my shirt and lie on my back on the grass. I gladly obeyed.
She very gently lowered my chocolate stained underpants to my ankles. My grandness stood like a flagpole, and with gravity flopped against my belly button. I had to twitch my penis from excitement as I laid there all so exposed. She lowered her face on me and gently ran her tongue from the tip of my cock to my balls and back several times. Please take me, please take me I tried to say, but only a grunt came out.

My pants appeared in her hands and Sharon gracefully pulled out the belt. She tightened them loosely around my ankles after taking off one sock. Got up and walked to my head, giving me a glorious view of her pink nether regions, and clumsily tied my hands together above my head. I hardly felt constrained, but was not going to attempt an escape any time soon!

Sharon walked to my waste, smiled cheekily at me and she squatted down onto my pelvic region, holding and guiding my penis which just slid into her effortlessly. I was sooo hard, this had never happened in my humble years on this planet! She gently went up and down, and then she started peeing as she kept me inside her.

‘Told you I had to pee didn’t I boy!’ I nodded. ‘You did say you liked pee’.

She gently moved up and with great control she kept peeing in small gushes as she stood up. Her hot piss was coming down on my belly. It felt hot and I was beside myself with excitement and unexpected pleasure and desire. As she moved up my body and lowered herself gently the pee dribbled on my chest, and towards my neck. I moved my mouth forward; I actually wanted her to pee in my mouth at this stage! And slowly she targeted in, and right above my mouth she let go. I did not know women could piss so hard and fast. I had to close my mouth, I had to cough, the piss went all over my head. I tried to lick at the same time…. This was one hot experience!

I remained there on the lawn, she came down, untied me, kissed my wet face. Speechless we pashed for a minute or two and then she squatted on my penis and did a few magic moves that made me cum hard and deep inside her. We both moaned and squirmed, wriggled and came together in one magic explosion. The rain started coming out of the sky.

Sharon gave me a dog towel and took me to her bathroom. She went into the shower with me and washed my body with a sponge… I was in heaven. I washed her body to return the favor. I asked her why her piss did not taste or smell fowl. She said she had drunk a fair bit that morning and had already been to the toilet several times before I knocked on the door.

And what about our walk I asked? That turned out to never have been her intention. And your dog?

‘Oh, my dog? She is at the vet getting de-clawed’.

I asked no further probing questions and after some small talk I left again…
At home I checked my email immediately, and have been checking it hourly for days there after, but got no more emails from her. I passed her once or twice on the path and she barely acknowledged me. It kind of hurt me. But then 3 weeks later she called me up for another walk!

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