Lust is good  

himinher1980 36M
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10/14/2005 3:40 pm

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2/9/2007 11:19 am

Lust is good

Every time I see u
I cant help but get hard
I just wanna take u in the bedroom
and make u sweat
This feeling seems so new everytime
But all I wanna do is you
I wanna have my way with you
And have some fun
I wanna make you want me
Until you have no choice but to cum
I sat you down on the edge of the bed
I edged my self closer to you and said
I wanna lick your lips, neck and ears
And work my way down below your waist
And as I backed off I continued
do you mind if I have a taste?
You shook your head
and licked your lips
I lowered your skirt
And underneath you were so wet
I started teasing u with my tongue
But then I started licking on your pussy and your clit
You came in my mouth
I swallowed it all
I pulled away and then stood up
I grabbed your waist
And laid you down
You smiled and whispered to me
What comes around ,goes around
I looked into your eyes
While your tongue sucked my cock
between my thighs
Then you kissed my head of cock
And teased me just a bit
I was goin crazy
I was goin insane
My body started to tingle and tighten
The moment I came
I got off the bed
and tied you too the head board
I started grinding on you
Making you scream OH GOD!
You started to moan and slight whisper
I'm cumming I'm cumming
I'm almost there
I started pumping
Making you say this isn't fair
But then I untied you
Just so you can have just one last thrust
And at that moment you truly felt my sexual lust

needingBOYTOY 39F
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11/16/2006 6:25 am

Your words left me wet...left me wondering what you could do with your hands.

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