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5/30/2006 11:01 am

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Idiot for a day

Today's illiterate idiot wrote this, again no punctuation corrected, though I will cut out the personal details:

let me tell you one thing. or you no what i will tellalot of shit. first i would never tell you how big my dick is. i might let you see it ,but you have to earn it. second, if i decided to fuck you it would be on my terms not yours. you self centered bitch. but other than that i think fucking you would be fun. but first you would have to get through the hour of me licking that asian pussy of yours before i stick my dick in to give you a good home style fucking. if you think you could handle that then write back,if not to fucking bad for both of us. i am 100% man and i know for my own part that i can handle someone like you. you have a wonderful day

Me: Obviously he missed the point so badly I have to laugh. I am a self-centered bitch. I think I make that point abundantly clear in my profile, blog and handle. Why does he think I would want to work that hard for an asshole like him? There must be plenty of submissive women around, why would he even want to mess with me?

Now his sentence structure, mis-spellings (or more correctly improper usage of words) would put him at the bottom of a second grade class. And the inability to use the shift key is an impressive use of the keyboard skills. At least he isn't writing in all caps. It goes to show the deep thought he put into his note to me to bowl me off my feet. And I will give him just consideration.

I have gotten in communication with a handful of charming men out of all of this. How to pick the BS out of their fine words is the scariest part of all. Its the whole wolf in sheeps clothing thing, you know. I guess I should be positive and display the kind of feelings that attract me, but that seems too personal to display here. But that might teach the wolves rather than encourage the sheep. Besides, in my public persona, I do have a bad attitude.

GuyWhoListens2u 56M
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5/30/2006 12:11 pm


It simply amazes me... some of the things that guys write to women on this site and then expect a positive response from them.

Your commentary is quite entertaining.. thanks for posting what you have.

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