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badaffattitude 50F
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5/17/2006 1:22 am

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5/18/2006 10:59 am

Bad responses

I get asked why I have a bad attitude about men. I think I will try to explain here.

Maybe I know too much about what men want. Maybe I know they will say anything to get it. And maybe the truth comes out sometime.

In some ways I am a strong, secure woman, but other ways I feel frail. I write a direct statement to try to explain what I want and I get letters like this. I did not edit this letter even to correct his typos:

You have to be the most unhappy stupid cunt I have ever seen, the odasity of your ignorance is amazing, the lack of class and por manners is just awesome, your rudeness and crassness makes me gag and you seriously are not even cute.
No wonder you have been married three times because youa re unhappy and lame, if you hate people that much I have an idea... suicide is an option for you... the negativity of your profile makes you realize how nasty humans can be.
You are disgusting... and here is the meaning of taht word.
1. To excite nausea or loathing in; sicken.
2. To offend the taste or moral sense of; repel.

Please do us a favor and kill yourself.

Me again:
Getting this is so upsetting, I turn into a frail little girl who does not want to have anything to do with men. I should not let a bad man push my button. I should just stay away from men entirely, except I like it so much when I find good men who push my button the right way. Is there a wonder why I am confused?

And this guy even sent a picture--he even looks nice. Yes, I know I will stay away from him, but how much of this ugliness and selfishness is behind the other decent looking men and nice sounding letters?

To answer this letter publicly, I have purged my life of three husbands because sometimes it takes a lot of time for the ugliness to show.

MissAnnThrope 56F
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5/17/2006 1:56 am

Jesus! What sort of fucktard sent this? I know we all get hate mail, I tend to blog mine, but this is one of the nastiest letters I've ever seen. Please, do the women of the site a favor and if you haven't deleted it yet, report him to abuse.

Obviously he's one of those jerks who think the women here should all be cumbuckets for whomever asks and can't handle the idea of a profile that says, "I refuse to be used."

funkymonkeygy 38M

5/17/2006 4:07 am

Hey, i just read your profile, its direct and to the point, but a lot of dumbass men need this!!!!

I can't believe someone would write that to another human being. I get a lot of ignored emails and knockbacks from this site, but i realize that not everyone will like me, but i console myself with the fact that a lot of good people do.

So on behalf of the rest of the male race, rest assured, there are diamonds amongst the coals!!!!!!

JayandMay 52M/44F
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5/17/2006 4:51 pm

Having been a blogger myself for nearly 10 years, I also know how evil people seem to be when they are not face to face. The internet is a very aggressive place. Chat rooms, forums, blogs, all seem to be a place where rudeness is the rule, not the exception.

It is a strange phenomena. I tend to believe the people that are venting on line have no power or initiative in their real world. It is a way for them to attack the very issues they never face day to day. It just goes to show how much pain they are in, and I tend to just take a deep breath and realize that anyone with such issues are decaying, plain and simple.

The only revenge is to sit back and watch them destroy them self. Even if you never have contact with them again, you know there is no way a person that angry is going to succeed in life. It's strange that a person that may be beautiful on the outside would be so rotten on the inside. That is why I have learned that I do not have one "type" that I am attracted to. Beauty is attitude. Sexy are the people that feel and exude sexy. Many times I've been shocked at who triggers desire in me. Sometimes even disturbed, like, it just can't be so...

Your profile simply states what you do and do not want. I find it sexy. People that know themselves are rare. I hope to surround myself in a circle of folk such as yourself. We need to band together, and protect our world from those others, gal.

Much love, Jay and MayLingSu.

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