An honest man  

badaffattitude 51F
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5/29/2006 8:06 am
An honest man

I just got this one and he even sent it twice. Finally a guy puts it the way it is:

You're sweet, not! But if all you want to do is fuck, I would love any opportunity, don't need to see any other pictures. You may not be pleasant but you could be exciting.

ToolsWhelkLaude 51M
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5/29/2006 9:41 am

Hello beautiful Bad Attitude,
I have read the depth of your profile and your blog. I see the troubles you are having finding quality men. I'd like to toss my name into the hat.

Why do I think I'm a quality guy? Because I get my greatest ego gratification from your satisfaction. What does it take to achieve that? It always take teamwork, if you need a bigger team, I am fine with that because it is what you want. And knowing what you want doesn't mean you have a bad attitude, just that you know what you want. For a guy, that's good. I guess you could say, I enjoy serving your needs and your wants. I'm not exactly submissive, but I am willing to learn or better yet I enjoy exploring what turns you on. That certainly means I am not dominant or pushy. I'd rather just be your friend that you can enjoy sex with, no matter how extreme your needs are.

The wonderful folks at AdultFriendFinder don't let us write to you directly, but apparently I can write to your blog. I do hope you can see behind the words that I am an intelligent guy. My profile also has a lot of background about me (and never has had a dick pic). I saw you joined the Ventura County Thrills group so you must know I'm not too far away. I hope you'll actually start up a conversation with me to see if I can be what you might be looking for. I'm not looking to tie you down, I do hope I win your company on my merit. Maybe I am what you are looking for.

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