My best birthday pesent  

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1/28/2006 10:25 am

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My best birthday pesent

It was August 2000. My then girlfriend rang me at work in the afternoon to let me know that she was very excited and that she had found the best birthday present for me. We arranged for me to pick her up from work and go straight to a nearby restaurant.

As arranged, I picked her up at around 6 pm. I noticed that she was walking rather slowly and was careful where she put her steps. As she got in the car, again she was very slow and shaky as she bent forward to get into the passenger seat. I asked her if she was Ok ‒ she just gave me a big smile and kissed me saying that it was all in aid of my present. Talking of presents, I asked her rather anxiously, as to what was it and where was it? Doesn’t she know that I hate surprises? She again gave me a smile and said, “all will be revealed later ‒ you just have to wait for it”.

In the car, I talked about my day at work, but I got the impression that she wasn’t paying much attention and that her mind was elsewhere. I also saw that she wasn’t sitting comfortably and I thought she actually winced once when we went over a speed bump. I again asked her if she was all right and assured her that the meal wasn’t that important and that if she wasn’t up to it, then we could just grab a takeaway and go straight to my flat. “No”, she insisted and assured me once again that she was perfectly OK and that if she looked in a bit of pain, then it was because she was enjoying herself! Very strange!

Anyway, we went to this restaurant, she didn’t eat much, if at all, and again looked edgy and very uncomfortable. She looked really unwell. I then lost my appetite and suggested that we should go. This time she got up straight away as if she couldn’t wait to get home and let out a small cry - “ouch”. By this time I had forgotten all about my present and was very concerned for her wellbeing. Again, the journey back home was interspersed with one-way conversation ‒ me talking and her mind elsewhere!

As we got nearer to my flat, she became visibly excited and began to stare at me. Once I looked into her eyes and she had tears in them, but she was smiling! It took me awhile to find a parking spot; it was quite a distance away from the flat in the next street. When we were walking up to my flat, again I noticed that she was slow and careful how she took she her step. By now, she was also sweating profusely. This time I didn’t say anything and just quietly, holding her hand, walked to the flat in the humid and sticky air of late August evening.

As soon as I closed the front door of my flat, she grabbed me by the arm, took me to the sofa, and literally threw me down. I slumped back on the sofa and just stared at her. She was looking down at me and after what seemed like ages, she asked me if I remembered my present. “God! What is it!” I blurted. She turned around and knelt forward ‒ her long legs erect. She thrust her arse into my face. It was then that I felt something hard rub against my face. She stepped slightly forward, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties down. Through the gloom of the street light streaming through my front room window, I could see a bright coloured butt plug jammed right up inside her crap hole!

Crikey! I couldn’t believe my eyes and began to shake like a leaf. I sat up like a bolt, stretched my hand and switched the table lamp on. In the same motion, I reached out and touched the rubber dildo jutting out of her arse. It looked like a child sucking on a dummy.

She very gently turned around to face me. There was water in her eyes. I just looked at her in amazement ‒ what? when? how? My throat felt really tight, I opened my mouth but no words came out. As if reading my mind, She very carefully squatted down to my eye level and said that she had the plug in her arse all the time we were together that evening! She had that cylinder stuck up her arse for over three hours! All this time when I was yapping on about this and that, she was looking at me knowing that there was a hot pipe stuck right up in her bunghole!

I mumbled to her, trying to ask if it hurt. She said that it did and asked me if I could pull it out from her with my mouth. Phew! She again turned around very slowly, now on all her fours, doggy style and stuck her arse right out. I knelt over and bit on the plug. It was wedged right into her buttocks. I remember I had to open my mouth quite wide to get my teeth around the lip of the dildo. It was surprisingly difficult to pull it out, first slowly and then with some force she pushed it out. I nearly fell over. For a brief moment, I could see her arsehole wide open as it popped out. The smell, the slippery juices of the goo and the hot stream of air jetting out of her gaping hole all hit me at once. Needless to say, but by this time my heart was pounding like thunder and my dick was doing somersaults in my trousers. Without thinking, I took the butt plug in my shaky hand, turned it around and put it straight back into my open mouth! To my dying day, I swear I will never forget that smell or that taste!

Well, we made full-blown anal love right there in my living room. Afterwards, it continued in the bedroom and later (for the third time that night) in the bathroom.

It later transpired that her colleague had given the butt plug to her at work in the afternoon and it was then that she had rung me with the news that she was going to give me a surprise present. The following morning, after a close examination, it appeared that she had considerable bruising on the cheeks of her buttocks. The wide lip of the plug must have been rubbing hard as she walked and sat down for over three hours! To think that she managed to have that stiff rubber jammed in her shit hole for over three hours ‒ awesome!

It was truly the best birthday present ever and remains to this day for me, even after we sadly broke up, the best night of anal feast.

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