WANTED the pefect man-  

babygirlwana 36F
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9/9/2005 4:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WANTED the pefect man-

must have a job(not to supoprt me to suport himself)

must have a car(not to drive me around, but to get urself places or dont ask me for rides)

must not yell at me(i dont yell, so dont yell at me)

must not gamble(unless u got the money to do so i dont wana support ur ass)

must be good looking(i know what ur all thinking "shes shallow" i think a hot man has nice eyes, and a big heart

must not drink in excess(i dont want a man that belongs in AA)

must want sex all the time(i cant ever get enough)

must pick up after himself (u want a maid hire one)

must not cheat(if u cheat it should be cut off)

must not be jelous(i dont like to be treated like i cant be trusted)

must not play xbox or ps2 more than than u spend time with me (i know thats kinda bad to say, but some men are bad)

must not bitch about me at work (don't talk shit)

when ur sick dont act like ur 2 (men are so whiney when there sick)

must not complaine when ur supper isnt on the table( u want it now get drive through)

ur friends can come over when ever, but there not living on my couch( i mean for real dont u have a home to go to or ur own couch)

if ur family is crazy, i dont wana hang out with them ( i have my own crazy family to deal with, i wont make u hang out with them)

must not bitch about how i do things(u want it done ur way then do it damn it i wont stop ya)

ok when i find a man thats this good ill never let him go

Hard2Bme1966 50M

9/9/2005 8:42 pm

They are out there, but you must be looking in the wrong places.

(Juan S)
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9/11/2005 11:35 pm

I think you've just been meeting the wrong guys sweety...incidentally, you had me until you got to the sick part. I don't usually get sick..colds, flu, none of that, so when I do get sick, its pretty bad and I am usually in serious pain...if you can't be sympathetic to a human, let alone the guy you are trying to be with during this time...then there is something else that is really going on...
A sick person is a sick person.

rm_PauNaMula 55M
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2/11/2006 3:03 am

pick me pick me. damn girl. that is good. if i had a creative mind. i would of wrote that in my profile.

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