st. patty's day CUM  

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3/17/2006 12:25 pm

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7/24/2006 12:31 pm

st. patty's day CUM

right now i am out of town on buisness. and my fiancee called me this morning wakin me up. we talked a bit and then i started getting wet.. so i rolled over and found my toy.while he got away from the phone i slipped it inside of me. when we first started phone and cyber i used to have to use a lot of lube. but now he keeps my cunt hot and very moist.. about 15 min goes by after he came back to the phone and he noticed i was breathing funny. he asked what i was doin i replyed just layin there. he said ok i aked what made him think i was doin something? my breathing slighty gave it away he said. i still denied then he let the master out.. and i had to confess. when i get busted by my master its a very big turn on for me. i started to cum then. but i stopped because i know that i can not cum like that.. I LOVE THE BUILD UP. my master said that i have to beg to cum today.. i told him no not unless i am wearin my collar and he said you have it out it on.. yes master i replyed.. like the good little bitch that i am i did.. i layed back down and went back to fuckin myself with my toy.. damn i start to build up so much that the room was dark tha only light was from my computer and i pulled ot the toy and i could see the thick cum on the base of it.. i told my master about all the cum. good girl he said now clean it off the whole thing leave nothing on it.. i cleaned it completely off lickin all the thick cum of from top to base of toy and it was a lot trust me. ( right now i am sittin at my putter naked gettin wet again thinkin about it again). so i stuck it back in me i rolled over on my side holdin one leg up i start fuckin my self so hard i start beggin to cum. can i cum master i asked please please i need to cum. ( nope ) he said.. so i stopped for the moment.. i did it again and again he said (nope)master i need to cum please please oh my GOD please matser please ... ( no your being a good little bitch) he said .... so i rest a second and start hard core fuckin myslef so damn hard there was no holdin back.. can i please cum now please (yes) he said and i cum so hard so fast i was screamin to the top of my lungs pretty much. i asked him if he was satisfied with his whore. no i think you need to cum again for me. ok i said and within a min i busted another hard nut... my dildo was soaked. master asked me if i am staisfied i said i am good but i do want to cum again for you. do it he said. so this time i am in a partial sit up postion and and like a fountain i just start flowing... i dropped the phone and start screamin in a hard core orgasim.... tired from cumin so hard a fall back on my bed.. tryin to find the phone i finally did and i asked him if he was satisfied.. yes i am he replyed. s pulled the dildo out and cum just goes down my legs ummmmm. that was about 30 min ago and i am sittin here tasting it right now i am still very very wet... ty babyboy i love you....

HotSexyCupl 46M/42F

3/17/2006 12:58 pm

Very Sexy!!!!


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