Confessions of a Bisexual Married White Male  

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2/7/2006 9:59 am

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Confessions of a Bisexual Married White Male

Where to begin? The earth was dark and without form....ok, I'll jump ahead a few billion years, then. I was about 6, and while playing with the boy next door, I would pull his pants down and enjoy feeling the smooth, full roundness of his little bottom, and nuzzling that inviting cleavage. Now, I had no idea what sex was yet, or even why I did what I did. Maybe it's because I was never breast fed? Who knows.

Later, as I was entering my teenage years, and was full of those raging hormones, I had the usual longings and desires for the female anatomy, especially big breasts and big round bottoms. However, I did find myself staring just a little too long at the smooth round bottoms of the other boys in the shower after gym class. Latent gay tendencies? I wouldn't find out until many years later.

Being shy, I never dated in high school, and didn't lose my virginity until the summer after graduation, when I visited a brothel in a small town that catered to the local miners and lumberjacks. It was over all too quick, but I returned there several times, blowing my entire paycheck from my summer job.

I went on to enlist in the Navy, visiting many ports, and encountering many prostitutes along the way. There was this one time though, in the barracks shower, where I accidentaly brushed up against the rear of a young guy drying his feet on a bench. The brief, but sensual feeling of my cock pressed against his smooth, round ass, took my breath away. I apologized immediately, and hurried away; but I could never get the memory of that moment out of my mind.

I met a girl while still enlisted, dated a few times, and out of pure horny-ness, wound up married. A big mistake. She turned out to be a real bitch, and my life was hell for another 14 years. I stuck it out, only to make a home and family for our only daughter. I had an affair with a woman at the office, which ultimately ended my marriage. A blessing in disguise. During that marriage, my thoughts had returned occassionaly to my 'other' side, and I would go to a gay movie house now and then, although I felt uncomfortable there. I also had taken to playing with butt plugs and dildos. I had tried to get my wife to let me try doing anal, succeeding only once. She didn't like it, but I loved it.

A year or so after the divorce, I met another woman, and we were married soon after. She was a good person, and we made an ideal couple. 18 years later, it's become a mundane existance, and I find my mind reverting back to my alternate ego. It brought itself into reality about 5 years ago, when we lived in another city. My curiosity about man-on-man love had me posting in another on-line forum. My first encounter was interesting, but not a big turn on for me. Basically a mutual jack-off. He was just too big and hairy. The 2nd was about the same, only this time we did mutual sucking. I never imagined that I'd actually do that, but got a sort of satisfaction out of making another guy cum that way. The 3rd time was the charm, a married guy, just my size and weight, with smooth white skin and virtually no body hair. Sounds like I like a more fem type, doesn't it? Well, as we held and caressed each other, I was completely surprised how erotic and good his body felt against mine! We went on to try it all..kissing, fondling, sucking, and finally, yes, I let him penetrate me. Oh, it felt so good, i wanted it to go on forever! But he came all too soon, collapsing on me in a satisfied heap. He was then going to let me try to enter him, but wasn't willing to prepare by using a butt plug first. I knew it would probably hurt him, so I settled for just doing it between his legs, lying on top of him. It was still good, and I relished cuming as I held him close to me.

I would have liked to have repeated that scenerio many times, but as luck would have it, the company I worked for folded, and we had to move to the Atlanta area. I've waited over 5 years now, but once again have longings to re-explore my bi-sexual side. I'll write more soon.

(To be continued)

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2/7/2006 11:09 am

Now that is a story that only a true married Bi can understand, and believe me I do

Men Make Me Horney!

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2/7/2006 11:41 am

Sounds sexy to me. I think I'm curious but is yet to explore

saddletrampsk 54F

2/7/2006 3:31 pm

Thanks for sharing..

Hope you find all that you are looking for..

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